Kid Sublime
7 mei 2013
NaamJacob Otten
Functie102 × DJ, live act
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genresfunk, hip hop, house


Growing up in Amsterdam, Jacob Otten, aka Kid Sublime, started to play drums and piano at the early age of five. As a teenager he founded his first band with schoolmates, dedicated to hardcore punk, and short after was heavily attracted to skateboarding and hip hop. Hooked on Gangstarr's 'Step In The Arena' video he found his new passion: scratching. He started practicing, won a Dutch scratching contest and landed a job in the Fat Beats record store in Amsterdam. Only 17 at the time he received local fame through his mix tapes, and got an MPC to enhance his mixes. A year later Jacob joined Dutch-Brazilian band Zuco 103 and travelled the world as their tour DJ. Short after he released his first solo tracks on Steven de Peven's Zephons Mom label. The two formed their infamous Rednose Distrikt outfit and in 2003 released their highly acclaimed debut album 'Iller Dan Je Ouders' (Iller Than Your Parents) on Amsterdam's Kindred Spirits imprint...

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Laatste optreden was op zondag 20 oktober 2019: Wicked Wax × Label Night, Claire, Amsterdam


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