foto F.R.A.N.K
NaamFrank van Herwegen
AliasNatural Born Grooves


It always seemed very clear to me that I was born to be a nightlife-person. I got my first guitar at the age of four. I used to accompany my dad, who was a local DJ, to several parties. I started buying records at the age of twelve, and I was the DJ at my own sixteenth birthday party. From then on I knew I wanted to be a DJ.

My interest in music grew stronger as I was playing more than four nights a week in famous venues like Carré, Belgiums biggest and most popular club. I've been doing that for more than twenty years now.

In 1995 I opened my own recordstore and I also started to create my own music. Soon after that I released my very first single, Funkin Serious, on Jumper Records.

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Het duurt 10 sec om te horen wie de boel in vuur en vlam zet! RESPECT

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Artiest Maddness
MEGA Ambi Dj!!!
Leuk zeg! Je komt in Nederland draaien, als je wilt, komt de Gentse van begin tot einde et meefeesten :p