foto Mind X
NaamAndré Forrer
Genresprogressive trance, tech trance, techhouse


André Forrer aka DJ Mind-X started his DJ career in 1990 in his hometown Bern. It was back in the late 1980's when he there went to his first parties. Not only the music grabbed him, but more and more he also got fascinated about mixing it. One day he met his fate when he got to know a founder of the event organiser Inka Imperio. So after his first event in 1993 at Bern's Aarebar, he started his big DJ carrier at the legendary Inka Imperio parties. Meanwhile, there are no major event or club in Switzerland and Europe that DJ Mind-X had not played: ‹Energy›, ‹Motion›, ‹Evolution›, ‹Goliath›, ‹Atlantis›, ‹Futurescope›, ‹Warcraft›, ‹OXA› Zurich, ‹Gate One› Bern, ‹MAD› Lausanne or ‹Nachtwerk› Thun, just to name a few...