Spoon (foto)
AliasKay Harder
Genresclassics, freestyle, hardstyle, jump
Spoon started spinning records in 1994 and always had a wide variety of taste in dance music.
Playing 90's hits, trance, club, jump, hardstyle or hardcore, he always gets the party started.

He was a resident dj for a few big clubs in the north of Holland like Fire Palace (10 years) and
the famous harder styles club Sans Souci (7 years). As resident of Sans Souci he had the
opportunity to play alongside the biggest dj's.

From 2004 till 2007 he also had his own jumpstyle label Pop Up Recordings and his tracks
were featured on numerous albums.

During the past 24 years he has served as an inspiration to budding dj's and now they have
become his inspiration to keep on going and spread the musical love and happiness.

"There is a Spoon"
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Party agenda Spoon
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 oktober 2018: Hard Paradise, Troubadour, Groningen
27 november 2009
Foto's, The Energy of the Core, 27 november 2009, Club Q, Noordbergum
25 maart 2006
Foto's, Red Night District, 25 maart 2006, Sans Souci, Berlikum
1 oktober 2005
Foto's, Jump!inn, 1 oktober 2005, Stad Inn, Leeuwarden
16 juli 2005
Foto's, Planet V.I.P., 16 juli 2005, TDF, Berlikum
6 mei 2005
Foto's, Planet V.I.P., 6 mei 2005, Noa, Leeuwarden
5 maart 2005
Foto's, Planet V.I.P., 5 maart 2005, Darby & Joan's, Leeuwarden
12 september 2004
Foto's, The Dancestore Outdoor, 12 september 2004, Parkeergarage Hoeksterend, Leeuwarden
22 maart 2003
Foto's, The Zone, 22 maart 2003, Sans Souci, Berlikum
15 maart 2003
Foto's, The Zone, 15 maart 2003, Sans Souci, Berlikum
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dj diabolic
Lepel is back!:D
Mister B Is Back In Town
tja.... :) :x
De Sfeermaker Op zaterdagavond :) Altijd gezellig :bounce:
:bier: Kleintje :bier:
Geweldige DJ!!(Y)
allround topper (Y)

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een van de eerste plaatjes die ik gekocht heb
Dj Spoon vs The Wacky Waxers - Hypnothizing / all the ladies.

draai ik nu nog steeds! echt een mooie plaat:)