20 mei 2022
NaamStephan Ranzinger
Functie2 × DJ
Leeftijd44 – 45
HerkomstDuitsland 🇩🇪


Stephan Ranzinger aka FATAL was born in 1979 in Passau (GER), he fell in love with electronic music at the age of 15.
For several years he has been playing in various clubs and festivals from Germany to Austria (Fly, Sonic, Liquid, Club Cazin, Kreuzkeller, Lemon Lounge, TheBank, Vio's...)
Radio appearances for example
various podcasts on the internet like Technoid Podcast etc.

It all began with the equipment of the father's rock band... various rhythm instruments, keyboard, synthesizer... and the musical talent helped him playfully and with fun.
A gift from the father, the first mixer opened the way to the DJ.

As a little boy, he quickly realized that techno will be something important to him. Because he found his fulfillment in it. Techno always give him power and energy in everyday life.
And after two years of intense listening to the music, he realized that hearing was not enough for him, he wanted to become part of it himself - so turntables had to come!

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