Filterheads (foto)
NaamJoakim Fogelmark & Michael Neuschler
FunctieDJ, groep
Filterheads is the fresh, psychedelic trance project of Joakim & Mike.
The duo bring a new twist to night psychedelic music.
Concocting a blend of heavy hitting yet funky bass-lines, trippy soundscapes and screaming leads. While utilizing quirky, tongue in cheek samples to keep the vibes lively and the dancefloor buzzing.

In a short amount of time the music has taken the global psytrance scene by surprise.
Launching their debut EP 'Space Apes' which cemented the project and kicked off a flock of festival bookings across the European festival circuit and abroad.
Blasting at iconic parties such as Modem, Ozora, Antaris, Universo Parallelo and many more...
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Party agenda Filterheads
Trance Orient Express · Hosts MoDem FestivalRuigoordAmsterdam
Aardvark, AstroNuts, Filterheads, Microdot, Sprocket
Ozora Festival8 PartyflockOzoraDádpuszta
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