foto Joren Edwards
NaamJoren Epskamp
Lid van groepvroeger: Strik & Streek
Genreshouse, minimal


Joren Edwards ('96), is a DJ/producer based in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Studying now at the infamous Herman Brood Academy, developing his true passion in life; music production. 
Inspired by the Romanian sounds of Arapu, SIT and Suciu and fellow Dutch producer Ferro, his sound can be best described as deep minimal, deeptech; rolling classy drums with deep and hypnotizing pads and synths. He's a real 'crate digger', always looking for timeless classics to combine with his own fresh sounds. Joren gained already strong support by the likes of Archie Hamilton on the mighty Sunwaves Festival in Romania and Fuse's Enzo Siraguza and Seb Zito.