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Genresbreakcore, crossbreed, drum & bass, jungle


Since 1999, Ricky has been pionnering the breakbeat end of Drum n Bass / Jungle. Based in Dublin, Ireland - he started out with the Bassbin crew and on Power FM pirate radio.

Ricky dabbled in radio broadcasting and promoting DnB in his home town for 6 years - at the demise of both in the late 2000's - he moved to London and in with old friend Fracture where they shared a house previously belonging to Alix Perez and Rockwell, it was there Ricky focused on production, staying true to the original template of the golden era, Ricky quickly rose from strength to strength crafting his music into what is now, a very distinctive sound and style, known worldwide.

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 3 maart 2018: 9 Years of Jungle Syndicate Bristol, The Black Swan, Bristol
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