LUPE (foto)
NaamLupe Lambers
Genresdisco, house, techno
LUPE's vision as a dj-producer is to frenetically up the jack-factor on the dance floor. A new identity is emerging in dance, energetic and psychedelic: house with an attitude.
More than just jacking disco and house instrumentals, his music productions have lyrics and stories. Tales of nightly encounters, reversed beauty, sex and power games. Lupe calls it Disco Poetry: all original compositions, no sampled melodies and performing vocals himself for a real and lived-through sound, also for an in-depth listen at home.
Inspirations come from all corners of the dance universe: masters as DJ Pierre and Armando, electro heroes Miss Kitten and Tiga, early Madonna, Hercules & Love Affair.
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Audio Moritz
Lupe. Niet te stoppen. Vette beats en dikke platen.