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NaamHector Avila & Carlos Vila
FunctieDJ, groep


Formed by Hector and Carlos, is one of the most proliphic duos of the moment in Ibiza, with residence in the nightclub Pacha ibiza.
After becoming known, as sound technicians in 2008, they perform their first performance at the Pacha club. After their success in the booth with only 19 years they decided to form the duo which is now known as 2VILAS.
They spend 4 years locked in the studio until they decide to release their first album ¨ All right ¨ having a result of the beatport TOP 10, apart from the support of the greats of the scene like, Carl Cox, Luciano, Loco Dice, Dj Sneak + +
Since that date until today they have not stopped making music, some of the labels are: Organic Music, Politics of dancing, Flashmob Records, OFF Recordings...

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Laatste feest was op dinsdag 31 december 2019: Pacha, The Butcher Social Club, Amsterdam
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