Elisa Batti
30 juni 2017
NaamElisa Battistutta
Functie14 × DJ, 5 × live act
HerkomstItalië 🇮🇹
WoonachtigNederland 🇳🇱


Elisa Batti is an electronic musician, producer and DJ based in Amsterdam.
Her activity is diversified between a spectrum of different projects, all of them though, connected through one red line: electronic music.
She started her career in 2007, working for the contemporary dance scene, experimenting with softwares and sounds, creating soundtracks and landscapes for choreographers.
Through the years she also started collaborating with visual artists for sounds installations.
Her experimental side slowly opened up to the world of the 'beats". Her aim became to create a sofisticated music, carved with a deep study of the sounds reinforced by melodies and more rythmical structures. Digginig down into this direction leads her to the creation of Violet Fall (2013), a band formed also by Jenny Thiele (singer) and Eelke Mastebroek (guitar). The band released 2 albums with the japanese label
Progressive Form and now is busy producing the third one...

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