foto Trinity
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresambient, dub, house, techno


Trinity is part DJ, part live act. Part house, part techno. Part Sydney, part Berlin. The finished product is one that encapsulates all of the above.

In her hometown of Sydney, Trinity runs events "Nightime Drama" and "4our" that have carved a niche in Sydney's underground scene showcasing the likes of Peter Van Hoesen and Steffi.

Trinity has performed across Australia, displaying a versatility of sounds such as pounding techno, minimal and Chicago house along more dub techno soundscapes, playing alongside artists such as Dasha Rush, Vril and Marcel Dettmann.

In the cooler months, she heads to Europe and spins at clubs like Harry Klein in Munich, Kompass in Ghent. In 2014 she unveiled her new live techno set in the basement at Berlin's fabled techno hub, Tresor.

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Laatste feest was op zondag 30 juli 2017: Tomorrowland, Schorre, Boom
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