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I'm a firestarter twisted firestarter........ Bowe does it again
Deze gebruiker is al geruime tijd niet meer langsgeweest en staat derhalve op non-actief.
Relatieja, met !Angelique
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brons @ valencia :)


dat ding ziet er net echt uit al zeg ik t zelf :x

@Angie: true love is forever........HVJ

van niets..... :gaap:

maak ik iets.......
ik ben eigelijk de eerste modelbouwer die dit kreng heeft weten te maken, een locust light airborne tank....kun je leuke dingen mee doen :x

bij deze wil ik mn locust opdragen aan mijn pasgeboren dochtertje Sylvana Maria, jij en je moeder zijn het mooiste wat me ooit is overkomen!

verder heb ik nog iets op te dragen, uit iemand uit mijn verleden:

It was a day in that blue month September
Silent beneath the plum trees' slender shade
I held her there
My love, so pale and silent
As if she were a dream that must not fade

Above us in the shining summer heaven
There was a cloud my eyes dwelled long upon
It was quite white and very high above us
Then I looked up
And found that it had gone

And since that day, so many moons in silence
Have swum across the sky and gone below
The plum trees surely have been chopped for firewood
And if you ask, how does that love seem now
I must admit, I really can't remember
And yet I know what you are trying to say
But what her face was like, I know no longer
I only know I kissed it on that day

As for the kiss, I long ago forgot it
But for the cloud that floated in the sky
I know that still and shall forever know it
It was quite white and moved in very high

It may be that the plum trees still are blooming
That woman's seventh child may now be there
And yet that cloud had only bloomed for minutes
When I looked up
It vanished on the air...........­

queen-who needs you:

I make it half past six you come at seven
Always try to keep me hanging round
You little spoilt thing girl you kept me waiting
Never contemplating my point of view
This comes as no surprise
I'm a fool for I believed your lies
But now I've seen through your disguise
Who needs well I don't need who needs you?

Oh I believed you
Went on my knees to you
How I trusted you
But you turned me down
But it's dog eat dog in this rat race
And it leaves you bleeding lying flat on your face
Reaching out reaching out for a helping hand
Where is that helping hand?

I like it I like it

Well I don't need you

How I was pushed around
Don't let it get you down
You walked all over me
But don't you ever give in
Taking one step forward slipping two steps back
There's an empty feeling that you can't forget
Reaching out for a helping hand

When I met you you were always charming
Couldn't sleep at night 'till you were mine
You were oh so so sophisticated
Never interested in what I'd say
I had to swallow my pride
So naive you took me for a ride
But now I'm the one to decide
Who needs well I don't need who needs you?


so long all you fuckers out there :9