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:) :) heyyy there :) :) wanna talk? write in --> ENGLISH <-- ;) ...just small TEST.. :D so. if U don't make an effort TO READ this, then don't expect my answer ;) .... Life is an art of choice.. and its consequences .... Go HARD or go home ! :D
Deze gebruiker is al geruime tijd niet meer langsgeweest en staat derhalve op non-actief.
WoonplaatsBleiswijk (Zuid-Holland)
BeroepPolish Hardcore TERRORist
Favoriete genresartcore, frenchcore, hardcore, symphonic hardcore, terror, uptempo hardcore
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Laatst hier13 november 2018 11:51
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Laatst bezochte feest was op zaterdag 19 mei 2018: Harmony of Hardcore, De Roost, Erp


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...::: HARD ((( d(-_-)b ))) CORE :::...

"Geboren als zovelen, gestorven zonder spijt.
Hardcore is ons leven, door te feesten vloog de tijd.
Mate als verenigte, samen in de menigte.
De Bass bracht ons het licht, met feestuh int vooruitzicht.
Hard zijn we gegaan, nooit was het gedaan.
Stampeh voor kapot, en niemand vind het zot.
Samen zijn we 1, gekker dan iedereen!
Hard zullen we gaan, HARDCORE BLIJFT ALTIJD"

"This is what I love and can't stop lovin.
Get wasted at parties from 9 'til 7 in the morning.
I live for the music, rollin blunts, feelin high, gettin loaded
or take some pills and go to la-la-land.
Spendin all my money on dope and extreme high price tickets.
But in the end it's all worth it.
I like to live in my own world.
Fuck regular life! Fuck a 9 to 5 job!
I'm told to enjoy every moment, every hour, every minute.
That's what I do on Fridays and Saturdays.
Why should I take life so seriously? I just want to do what I like to do!
Be far from reality, 'cuz I can't stand society!
It's my own world I just want to hear the music.
I think the whole system fuckin sucks.
Everybody's working their fuckin ass of during the week,
gettin totally fuckin stressed out - So what's wrong and what's right?
I live for the weekend, I live for hard styles, I live for HARDCORE baby!"

My small list fav tracks of HC (L) ;)

Accelarator vs Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Dope
Alienator - This Is War (DJ D Remix)
Amnesys - Worldwide Crisis / Underground Revolution / I Justified
Angerfist - (&Outblast) The Voice of Mayhem / End /(ft Crucifier) Tonight / Take u back / 187 / The Number / Raise your fist / Maniac Killa / sting like a scorpion / Riotstarter / Fuck Off / Bite yo style / Raise your fist / Cannibal ..and more ;)
Art Of Fighters - (& Nikkita) Symphony Of The Dead (L))/ Artwork (Tha Playah Rmx) / Redemption / Do Or Die
Catscan - Cr8tiv Counter / Secret Valley
Chrono & The Demon Dwarf - Shut The Fuck Up :bounce:/ Complex society / (&The Sneiterheadz) Wat Is Dit(Fucktup Remix)
Counterfeit - Counting Back Time
D-Dr!ve - Versus
D-Passion - Future Proof (L)
Dave Dope - Life's A Bitch / Industrial Violence
Day-Mar - embrace the night / POle POsition / DSTR
Dione - No Funeral / Pain Till I Die (The Headbanger remix) / Concrete Nemesis / Bamm / F The World / War Against The Machines / Born To Raise Hell
Diss Reaction - Jiiieehaaaa (angerfist refix)
Dj D - Gloria /(& Nitrogenetics) Meloduc Art / D Power / Disharmonic Harmony / (& Endymion) Mortal War
Dj Kristof & Bad Boy - Seasons Of Mist (Dj Nosferatu Rmx)
DJ Obscurity - DNA Killer (Justice Remix)
Dj Mad Dog - Nasty / (&Tha Playah) Enter the time machine /(&Noize Suppressor) Lost S.T.F.Y. / Welcome Down / Sweat Dreams / Disorder / Dangerous
DJ Niel - Under My Skin
Dj Promo - Different Breed Of Men (Meccano Twins Remix) / Fuck that Mashup / (&the DJ Producer) Refuse to Recognize
dt6 - bloodbath
Elimination Project - Pestzooitje :bounce:
Emphasis - Back On The Job / Mag90 / Versatile / Horror & Moral Terror
Endymion - Anger / Art / Abduction / (&Nosferatu) Nothing is What it Seems / (&Meagashira) Outcasts
Enzyme X - Illuminati / Rauwkost / Hybrids / Dissonant Poetry / Broken Mix (Fckdp by Ophidian)
Evil Activities - Rocking With The Best / Nothing / Raw To The Floor
E-Noid - Sadness / efficient methods / (& Negative A) My Blood
G-Shock - Demons (DJ Promo remix)
Hamunaptra - Neon Genesis Part One / Sector 9
Hellsystem - My Gun (Nitrogenetics Remix) / Angel / Ex inferis / back from darkness
Human Resource - The Joke (Dj Partyraiser vs Lunatic & Miss Hysteria remix)
JDA vs. Bass-D & King Matthew - Survivors of Hardcore (Art of Fighters rmx)
Kasparov - We Will Dominate (Angerfist Remix) / Time
Lem-X - More Drumming <3
Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix / Ophidians DJ Cut)-Industrial Strength Limited
Masters of Ceremony - A way of life (DJ Promo remix) / Put it to Music
Meagashira - Prednison-Attack / E.G.O. / The Sound Of The Record / Lost In Music
Menace II Society vs Catscan - Chronic Counter
Middle M - Crazy or Darly
Mindustries - Translated Visions / Beat The System
Miss Hysteria - Dark Matter / Particle Physics
Na-Goyah vs DJ Kristof - Vendetta (the Anthem 2010)
Neophyte - (& Evil Activities) One Of These Days / (& Tha Playah vs Mc Alee) The Ultimate Project
Neophyte Records All Stars - Adrenaline !!!
Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance / Melodic Art / challenge me / Suicide / shocking & stunning
Noize Suppressor - Bone Crusher (Angerfist remix) / LSD User / Fingerz / Still want more / (& Mad Dog) Fire / Nobody Like's
Nosferatu - When Angels Cry / Enemigo Del Estado / Nzmdfc 1 / Bloodlust /(&Endymion) Project Hardcore
Osiris - The Choice Is Yours / Get This Bitch Earthquaking
Ophidian - Butterfly (Vip Edit By Ophidian) / Angel / Blind / The Middle Children / Hammerhead (Vip Edit) / Formshift /(&Dspyre) Reminiscence of a Future War / (&Ruffneck) So Many Sacrifices / The Choosen / All the Way Down
Paul Elstak - Angels Deserve To Die / Trashing My Scene
Phobos - Killers / Choirs Of Damnation / (&Cemon Victa) Acts Of War
Predator vs Hellsystem - 2012 / Unified Destination (Syndicate Anthem)
Project Omeaga - Prednison-Attack / Lady Alzheimer
Rave Creator & the Mover - Atmos-Fear (Catscan Rmx)
Re-Style ft Masters Of Noise & Mc Tha Watcher - Vision
Ruffa Suffa - A Million Tears
Ruffneck - (&Miss Twilight) No Turning Back (L) / (&Endymion) Justice / (&Nosferatu) A Forgotten Tune (L)
Sneiterheadz & The Demon Dwarf - De Gebruiker
Tha Playah - Why So Serious / Walking The Line / Bling Bling / Fuck The Titties (The Viper & Tommyknocker Remix) / The One / Mastah of Shock / Premonition / My Mistery
The Stunned Guys - The Drummer & The Dancer
Tommyknocker - Learn From The Pain / Twist / Fuck this track up / Hurricane
Waldhaus - A Journey Through Time
Wapper & Ladykiller - Hardcore Knowledge
Zanzibar- Horror on Mind