DanceValley programma

The hype surrounding this years festival has combined with limited ticket sales, transforming DV 2002 into possibly the most talked about Dance events in Dutch history. The site at Spaarnwoude is unquestionably the ultimate oasis of dance culture, and we expect the atmosphere to be nothing short of feverish. We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have so much support from our public, and wish that all of you could attend this years event, which sold out before any line up details were released. Finally the time for speculation is over. Dance Valley proudly presents 11 stunning areas of the finest audio known to man:
Roger Sanchez (USA), Dave Clarke (UK), Sasha (UK), Umek (Slo), Yoji Biomehanika (Jap), Sister Bliss (UK), The Scumfrog (USA), Ferry Corsten (NL), Hybrid (UK), Fabio (UK), Michel de Hey (NL), Sneak (USA), Billy Nasty (UK), Justin Robertson (UK), Tom Harding (UK), Slam DJs (UK), Andy Weatherall (UK), Johan Gielen (NL), Scott Bond (UK), Marco Carola (It), Sander Kleinenberg (NL), Aphrodite (UK), Roog (NL), Lucien Foort (NL), Ashley Casselle (UK), Graeme Park (UK), Jean (NL), Tom de Neef (Be), Armin van Buuren (NL), Andy Farley (UK), Dimitri (NL), Christian Smith (Swe), Montana (NL), Jamie Anderson (UK), Jurgen (NL), Steve Rachmad (NL), Red Moon (UK), Usual Suspects (UK), Marcello (NL), Ben Long (UK), Fausto (NL), Laidback Luke (NL), Matt Hardwick (UK), Emjay (NL), Lee Coombs (UK), Jel Ford (UK), JP (NL), 100% Isis (NL), Lenny Ibizarre (Ibiza), Afterlife (UK), Andy Haze (EU), Erick E (NL), Spider Willem (NL), Simon Eve (UK), Joel Mull (Swe), Sterling Moss (UK), Joost van Bellen (NL), Prinz (Be), Cross (NL), Jay Samuel (NL), Emir (Cro), Astrid (NL), Svendex, LX Pacific (NL), Marysol (Chile), Scot Project (UK), Rossi (NL), Marnix (NL), Don Diablo (NL), Alvredo (NL), A Sides (UK), Falcon (NL), Dwin (NL), Dreazz (NL), Pressure (EU), J Laze (UK), Sabre (UK),, Kabuki (De) Jaimy (NL), Kenny D (NL), Mike Vandenberg (NL), Mad Ed (NL), Dab (NL), Le Funkubine (NL), Controverse Allstars (NL), Ambient Daan (NL), Radioactive Man (UK), Sterac Electronics (NL), Scape 1 DJ (UK), Steely (NL), Transparent Sound (UK), Sherman (UK), Alan Luna (NL), The Cheese Dectective Agency feat. Sara Jay (UK), The Well (NL), Stefan X (NL), Russ & Cluffy (NL), Mulat (NL), Dubble J (NL), Rachid & André (NL)

Junkie XL (NL), Secret Cinema (NL), The Advent (UK), Circulation (UK), Ignition Technician (UK), R&R Workshop (NL), José vs G-Spott (NL) Anthony Rother (De), Velcro Fastener (UK), Silicon Scally (UK), Brotherhood (NL), Perplex (NL)

Marxman (EU), Fats (UK), Majika (UK), Lanesra (EU), Nova (NL), Solomon (NL), Paul T (EU), P Pholl (NL), Miss Bunty (NL), Vin-E (NL), Srah (NL), Lady Bee (NL), Chris Langley (EU)

HQ, Open to Torture, Kremlin, Gatecrasher, Concept, Bullit-Proof Electrix, Melkweg, Happy Tribe, Bacardi Bat beats

vandaag bekend gemaakt..
Waarom kijken mensen nou nooit eens verder dan hun neus lang is????
haha CONO ik wist dat er wel weer zon muppet op zou reageren door te zeggen dat die er al staat haha...pappie:)
dj scot project..­ uk..­?? haha , blijft gewoon nog een duitsah..­