Seeking Room mate!

I know this doesn't really match with the rest of the topics here... But, maybe someone here is looking for a place to stay? I am looking for a room mate to move in with me within 1 month in my apartment in the Westerpark-buurt (Amsterdam). It is a fully equipped apartment in a good area, close to both Sloterdijk & Centraal Station. Also, it has a garden (Relaxed for the summer :-)
Interested? Send me a message, or email me,
ja foto!!
en hoeveel kost het dan??
idd, maar ik heb wel interresse kmoet toch over 1 maand ofzow uit huis.­
I don't have a photo but surely you can come by and have a look sometime!
We will share the rent, so, 412 euros per person to be exact (we split it 50/50).­
I sended you a pm, but you speak english?
why do you look for a roomate on a party site?
just curious :)
Well, the thing was that me &­my ex.­ lived there together.­ But now it's over...­ so...­ He's moving out.­ And I don't wanna move out cause I like the apartment.­ First, of course I checked with my other friends but none of them wants to move somewhere...­ So I need somebody to be able to move in there within 1 month also, that's quite short notice.­
HousePindaaaaaaaaaaaaa waaassup :)
alles fris en fruitig? :D
Well you are going to almost al the exact party's i'm going to and i think 70% of this site, so finding someone shouldn't be a problem i think.
Yeah, maybe it seems a bit vague that I am "advertising" here. But, I first have asked around my friends but all of them are happy where they are now. And I am also gonna put up a note about it here at my work. So, the deal is far from sealed for all of you ;-) But, I want to see what people maybe wants to move in with me. Because I can not carry up 825 euros/month by myself, sorry...
that's is a good way, cus most members here have party pictures :) some not all good, but you can see the person at least :)
The criterias:
*You have a steady job with a contract

*No slobs please ;-) (Because we have to share a lot of space)

*preferrably non-smoker, or, smoke in the garden

*Female is a plus, but it doesn't really matter

*Positive & agreeable person
woohoo, i match all critiria :P exept that i'm a guy :)
only have to see if i can make the rent everymonth :P
And I am NOT advertising for a new boyfriend! If someone was in doubt :-D
MissI 10 mei 2002 14:08
And I am NOT advertising for a new boyfriend! If someone was in doubt
sow that means no sex during interviews? :D
whehe sure :)
allready got a girlfriend for about 6 months ;)

ahw.. gotta go
work :(
Missl> if you know something more, you know where to find me :)
Exactly, the policy is No Sex During Interviews! ;-)

No but I mean... I just wanna make it clear. :-)
We understand :)
didn't think that anyways. :)
I am still looking for a room mate..­! Please don't hesitate to contact me!
Missl i have send you an e-mail, i'll hope you answer me as soon as possible.­
hmzz no sex either with u?

that's quote shitty :'(

so u ask me to move into your house for just sharing rooms and stuff?


are we sleeping in the same bed then?

well i will tell u somthing about myself.
I am a very nice person.
20 years old
and doing karate, so i can protect u ;-)
uhmm studying @ the HvA at the amstel station.
uhmmm and i have a g-friend and i really don't want to move out from ijmuiden :-D

sorry ;-)

greets oz and lots of success with your search for a nice roomate :-)
My name is ozzie, i'am gaile toerk and i'am really sweet to girls!

Contact me!

if you'd ask about a year later, i would be interested, fortunately, i dont have any money (vacation 'sigh')

oh well, better luck next time for me and ehhh have phun with groovyloco:)