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voornamelijk hardstyle
misschien dat je hier wat aan heb

Playlist files:

-H- DJ Promo - Patterns In Chaos
4 motion - over 4 me
4 Navigators feat.Dj Vortex - Gas (orginal mix)
a1-stormtraxx - moments of e mix 1-tn
Acid Step - Lazy (A1 Noise Mix)
Adrima - I can't stop raving (Original Mix)
Airheadz - Stanley (Warp Brothers Remix)
Lovestern Galaktika - Galaktika-Are You Ready
angel of death - Angel Of Death (acid mix).mp3
angel of death - Angel Of Death (hennes and cold mix).mp3
angel of death - Angel Of Death (Tracid Mix).mp3
ango - Energy Day (Daniele Mondello remix).mp3
ANGY DEE - Something Wonderful.mp3
aquaplex - Force in your head
arome - Here We Go (DJ Scott Project Remix).mp3
arome - scream (dj scot project remix).mp3
arome - talk 2 me (dj scot project remix).mp3
asys - acid head cracker remix.mp3
asys - acid save your soul (auf die 12 mix).mp3
asys - djs nightmare.mp3
atemlos - Biomutant.mp3
atlantic wave - Love Killer.mp3
atlantic wave - new style.mp3
avalon - eleven asako.mp3
banji boys - free florida.mp3
Base Alert - Ojeeoink.mp3
Bassdriver - Fatal Invasion.mp3
Bassraiders - Prepare to Qualify.mp3
Beam vs Cyrus - Thunder In Paradise (Dj Scot Project Remix).mp3
beeq - 1e mix.mp3
Best of 1989-1997 - Marshall Masters-I like it loud
bison meets the quakers - I Got Tonight (original mix).mp3
blaulicht 112 - geht los!.mp3
Blue Horizons - Carambola.mp3
blutonium boy - Brainshooter (Thomas Trouble Remix).mp3
BM Dubs pres. Mr Rumble - Whoomp! Public Domain (Full Remix).mp3
bolero mix - Fullhouse-Scratchin.mp3
Brain Ovulation - Only Kick (Rushin Mix).mp3
brooklyn bounce - bass beats & melody.mp3
Brooklyn Bounce - Bass, Beats & Melody (Pulsedriver Remix).mp3
Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Radio Edit).MP3
brooklyn bounce-club bizarre dj scot project remix-mtc.mp3
Bruno Power - miss groovy rmx-idc.mp3
Bruno Power - schock with power mix-idc.mp3
carioca - Release the Pain-Vamonos (Arne L II & Mirko Milano s Euro Mix).mp3
Catscan - rotten.mp3
Catscan - wo iii.mp3
Central Sector - Tonic (Tonic Groove Version).mp3
Central Seven feat. Kaiara - Mystery (Club Extended Mix).mp3
cherry moon trax - needle destruction (robert armani take one mix).mp3
children - 4CLUBbers.mp3
Chrome Dioxide II - hardcore motherfucker.mp3
Churg of Pentagram - Armageddon Project
cj bolland - horsepower
Bolland, C.J. - Nightbreed
Club Disciples - Fly (DJ Gollum & DJ Yanny Rmx)
Club Disciples - Fly (Original Extended Mix)
Yves De Ruyter - Back To Earth (DJ Scot RMX)
contact - Mo-dem (Warp Brothers Remix)
coretex - Give Yourself To The Darkside (EFX Mix)
Cosmic Commando - Acid Overdose
Cosmic Commando - Did You Here Me [Club Mix]
Cosmic Gate - Back To Earth
coscmic gate vs dj caveland - Drop the act
Cosmic Gate - Hardcore [Club Mix]
Cosmic Gate - Melt To The Ocean (Midnight Mi
cosmic gate - mental atmosphere
Cosmic Gate - Mystery in Space
cosmic gate - Poison.mp3
cosmic gate - running out of time.mp3
Cosmic Gate - The Drums (Extended Mix).mp3
Cosmic Gate vs. Aquagen - Fire Wire (DJ Da Violator Remix).mp3
Cosmic Gate-Somewhere Over The Rainbow - xargon no vocal vinyl 2db.mp3
cosmosonic - alpha (long piano mix).mp3
d devils - black magic radio edit.mp3
d trax - ill (original mix).mp3
da booka - can u feel the rhythm.mp3
daisy dee - Open Sesame (DJ Scot Project LIVE Remix).mp3
Daniele Mondello - a1 tornado.mp3
Daniele Mondello - assassin.mp3
Daniele Mondelo - noa.mp3
darkraver & dj vince - thunderground.mp3
Darkraver - Live @ HouseQlassics.mp3
Das licht - Release A M Edition (Traumwelten Wrecker Mix Das Licht).mp3
dave 202 - Living On The Edge.mp3
dave joy - First Impression (S.H.O.K.K. Mix).mp3
Deadly Force - The Last Resort.mp3
deepack - drop out.mp3
derb - Derb (Arome Remix).mp3
derb - Derbus.mp3
derler and klitzing - The feeling.mp3
Distrexx - relax your body dont panic version-idt.mp3
dj arne l 2 vs mirko milano - R.I.P..mp3
dj balloon - Monstersound (Live Mix).mp3
dj balloon - Technorocker (Brooklyn Bounce Remix).mp3
dj balloon - Technorocker (Extended Version).mp3
dj bonebreaker - Husten (Dj Arne Lii & Mirko Milano Mix).mp3
dj boozy woozy - Party Affair.mp3
dj bountyhunter - Whoops.mp3
dj buzz fuzz - king of the beats.mp3
DJ C.S. - Cum.mp3
dj coach and the player - chemical sangria (technoparty.mp3
dj darkzone - Watching you (non vocal club mix).mp3
dj dean - Here we go (Hardstuff remix).mp3
dj digress - Follow Up (Club mix).mp3
dj furax - Power.mp3
dj gius - De-Generation (Hardkick Remix).mp3
Dj gogy - Thunderdome XX mix
Dj Gollum & Dj Yanny - Shadows & Lights (Kaylab Remix).mp3
dj hardware - The Rhythm Chamber (DJ Scot Project Mix).mp3
DJ Isaac - On The Edge
DJ Isaac vs Stardancer - Beat the Silence.mp3
dj jamx - sexomatic (dj jamx and de leons dumonde mix).mp3
dj marc la cruz - darkness (end credits).mp3
dj marc la cruz - darkness.mp3
dj marc la cruz - future prison.mp3
DJ Mirko Milano - Stopp & Go (Orginal Mix).mp3
dj misjah & dj groovehead - trippin out.mp3
dj misjah & dj tim - access.mp3
dj misjah and groovehead - delirious.mp3
dj outblast- eardrumz
dj overdog - I'm the DJ (DJ Overdog Mix).mp3
dj pagano - Addicted To Music.mp3
dj paul elstak vs. the masochist - this is my fucking house
dj promo - day of danger.mp3
DJ Promo - life from the other side
DJ Sakin & Friends - Miami (Russenmafia Remix).mp3
dj scot project - f (scot's reworking mix).mp3
dj scot project - live ssl crash factory part i.mp3
dj scot project - O (Overdrive).mp3
dj scot project - O-Overdrive (Arome Remix).mp3
dj scot project part 2 - ssl labelparty on 01 11 2000.mp3
DJ Scot Project Trance Acid Experience 2 U - I Got a Feeling (FVV mix).mp3
dj scott project - Outa Space.mp3
Dj Sim - Loud As Fuck
dj swam - the ground (hennes&cold remix).mp3
DJ Taylor & Flow :::... DeeJay Neo ...::: - Hardcore Vibes [Avancada Remix]
Dj Team Groundzero - Don't Stop .... Fucking Technopop.mp3
dj tiesto - Flight 643 (Dj Alpha Hardstyle Remix).mp3
dj tomcraft - Overdose (A2 Tony H Remix).mp3
Dj Vortex & Arpa's Dream - Audiodrive [Extreme Mix]
Dj Vortex & Arpa's dream - incoming arome remix.mp3
dj vortex - Enter.mp3
dj vortex - Gas.mp3
dj vortex - legion of the lost.mp3
dj vortex - navimel.mp3
dj vortex - spacecraft.mp3
dj vortex - time to go.mp3
DJ Wag - Dominator - Life On Mars (DJ Wag Mix).mp3
dj wag - man on the moon (dj scot project remix).mp3
DJ X2000 - Modem.mp3
DJ Yanny & DJ Gollum - Shadows and Lights (Orginal Mix).mp3
DJ YOURI - Fuck on cocaine (porno mix).mp3
dj's @ work - someday Hardclub mix.mp3
Dj. Wag & Dj. Scott Project - The big bang.mp3
dominator - Lord Of The Rings (M-Jay Edit).mp3
don diablo - elysium.mp3
don diablo - take off.mp3
don diablo - The Sound Of Fear.mp3
Donkey Rollers - Motherfuck Dj Zany Remix-KTMP3.mp3
Dr. Duck and Mr. Treib - Hoehepunkt.mp3
dual band - gsm.mp3
E-Ject - The Pressure (Nord Remix).mp3
E-Pact - House Time.mp3
elastique culture - u (dj scot project remix).mp3
elektrochemie lk - When I Rock (original mix).mp3
embargo - blackout (original extended mix).mp3
embargo - Fantasy Drive.mp3
embargo - ghost.mp3
embargo - hysterie (exit 2000 mix).mp3
Embargo - Scream (Attack Mix).mp3
embargo - Scream (Original Mix).mp3
Error 404 - File Not Found (Download Mix).mp3
essential dj team - ong diggi dong (essential hardhouse mix).mp3
essential dj team - We hate to rock (Essential Hardhouse Mix).mp3
fladenbrot - was guckst du lan.mp3
flash - Austral.mp3
foxx - Move that body (DJ Scot Project remix).mp3
Fragma - You are Alive (Warp Brothers Remix).mp3
franchino - 999.mp3
franchino - calor.mp3
franchino - E controllo (extended mix).mp3
franchino - Ogni Pensiero (Extended version).mp3
Frequency attack - the beholder.mp3
G-Shock - demons.mp3
gary d - Die Herdplatte 2000 (harddisc mix).mp3
Gary D vs Dr Z - My Houzze (Gary D vs Dr Z Hardline Mix).mp3
GBO Project - Devils Dance.mp3
giada - Return to Forever (Tuneboy Hardmix).mp3
Gigi Lav - the right way (original mix).mp3
Hacker - Techno crack (alternative mix).mp3
Hard Creation - Let's Get Them All
hardcore] Marshall Masters - Don't touch that stereo (Live at Zillion).mp3
Headbanger vs Alienator - Strike
Heliotropic feat. Verna V. - Alive (Dumonde Remix).mp3
hennes & cold - second step.mp3
hennes and cold - sound of rock (orginal mix).mp3
hennes and cold - The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Remix).mp3
house of fun - Call me and fuck me (DJ Youri Mix).mp3
hunter - code 303 (trance code mix).mp3
hypertrophy - pullover.mp3
hypetraxx dominator - paranoid (cant run & hide mix).mp3
hypetraxx - Paranoid (DJ Scot Project Remix).mp3
icebreaker - Too cold (Aquaplex remix).mp3
In afrika - Derb.mp3
jay frog - Pushin (Hennes & Cold Remix).mp3
Jeff Jay Vs. Every 1 - I Want To Be A Hippy (Toby Lee Connor Remix).mp3
Jimmy The Sound - L.O.G.I.C.O. A1 (Black M Version).mp3
Jimmy The Sound - L.O.G.I.C.O..mp3
joy kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Phisical Mix).mp3
junkfood junkies - The Game.mp3
junkfood junkies - the journey (club mix).mp3
junkfood junkies - The Journey (Junkfood Junkies Reworks Mix).mp3
K-Only - the strong.mp3
K-Traxx - Noise Tool (Original Noize Mix).mp3
K.A.M. - Frequency (Distortion mix).mp3
kai tracid - 180 bassdrum.mp3
kai tracid - destiny's path (warmduscher remix).mp3
kai tracid - The Deep Blue (Asys Mix).mp3
kai tracid - too many times (warmduscher remix).mp3
kamasutra feat. marzio dance - total connection.mp3
Klinisch Tot - Klinisch Tot (Club UK Mix).mp3
Klinisch Tot - Klinisch Tot (Wiederbelebungs Mix).mp3
Kuadra - La Onda.mp3
l'age synthetique - terminate (rage mix).mp3
la style - james brown is dead.mp3
lars palmas - Slutt Butt Fucker (Dj Scot & Hypertraxx Mix).mp3
lars palmers - Gang Bang Society (Brooklyn Bounce Remix).mp3
lost witness - Headliners.mp3
M@D - Welcome (Derler And Klitzing HardHouse Remix).mp3
Marc Acardipane-Marshall Masters feat. dr TMC - Don't touch that stereo.mp3
marcel woods - de bom 2001.mp3
marco v - godd originel.mp3
marco v - godd (dub mix).mp3
marco v - godd.mp3
Marco V. - GODD (Dirty Alphamix).mp3
mario piu & mauro picotto - arabian pleasure (tuareg mix).mp3
mario piu - Morpheus.mp3
mario piu - unicorn.mp3
mario piu a.k.a dj arabesque - serendipity (mas mix).mp3
mario piu and mauro picotto - imperiale (sole rosso mix).mp3
mario piu vs. fabio mc - invaders-idc.mp3
mark nails - hidden wave.mp3
Mark Norman - Overkill.mp3
Mass Effect - Alphascan (Arome Remix).mp3
mauro picotto & megamind - krach.mp3
mauro picotto - Iguana 2001 (Megamind Goa Hard Mix).mp3
Mavor & Mark Nails - Computer revolution.mp3
meagashira - end of line
Meagashira - through inner core
meagashira - through inner core.mp3
MEGAMIND - sturm und drang.mp3
megamind - Taub (Picotto mix vinyl club).mp3
megaphone - there is a bassdrum.mp3
megara - Full Intension.mp3
Megara - The Megara.mp3
MENACE 2 SOCIETY - Bloodstain
mental theo - revolution.mp3
meteor seven - sonar impulse.mp3
meteor seven - universal music (dj scot project mix).mp3
michael jackson - Thriller (Dj Isaac Remix).mp3
microbots - Cosmic Evolution (DJ Scot Project Remix).mp3
mikado - feel the bass 2000 (club mix).mp3
ministry of sound - 05 Mo-Dem - Contact [We gotta connect] (Long Mix).mp3
MOH 6 -13- DJ Outblast - The Gates Are Open
MOH 6 -17- Nosferatu vs. Myrmidon - Pop Goes The Pistol
MOH 6 -17- Nosferatu vs. Myrmidon - Pop Goes The Pistol
moh-v -16 - dj promo vs dj bike - no commerci
monastic - narcotix (bass brothers remix).mp3
monastic - narcotix (original mix).mp3
monastic project - gods of house.mp3
neophyte - anybody out there
neophyte vs the masochist - im the man
nightclub - French Kiss (DJ Scot Project Remix).mp3
nightclub - French Kiss (Misar Mix).mp3
noisefloor - ultrawave (hennes & cold mix).mp3
noname - I'm your DJ (Warp Brothers remix).mp3
nordlicht - Cry (Hennes and Cold Mix).mp3
Norman Base - no good 2001-sq.mp3
norman bass - How U Like Bass (U. Taubert Original Vox Mix).mp3
norman bass - How U Like Bass (Warp Brothers Remix).mp3
odyssey of light - Confusion (Aquaplex Mix).mp3
Omar Santana - Da Predator 20, 000
omar santana - hardcore for the headstrong - 15 - dj jokey - real deal.mp3
Panic Machine - Beat (Panic Room Mix).mp3
parker - Beams Of Gaia.mp3
passion - Groundforce.mp3
Pep n up - time and space (warp brothers remix).mp3
Phasendreher - The Trip (pro-tech mix).mp3
phil green - the discovery.mp3
philippe rochard & tom la roche - element (tom la roche mix).mp3
pho - Sioux (original mix).mp3
Pi-Factor - Cocain Speaking (Clubmix).mp3
Planet Punk - punch 'em all.mp3
Planet Punk - X-T-CEE.mp3
Plug'n'Play- Time To Bob.mp3
Polar Lander - Polar Lander (Hennes and Cold Remix).mp3
profound - Turntable Junkie (Central Seven Remix).mp3
progressive state dream team - Running Bass (Club Mix).mp3
Q-Dance Knalt het of valt het 20-02-2002.mp3
radium - Only a Test (Orginal Mix).mp3
Radium feat. DJ Inside - Universe of dreams (trance mix).mp3
rainmaker - Renegade Master (Future Shock Mix).mp3
Ramond - Infinity (Russenmafia Remix).mp3
re-flex - Babadeng (Sandra Flyn vs. Marc Van Linden Remix, Promo).mp3
reeloop - fucking society-ktmp3.mp3
renato tankis vs dj savietto - octopus.mp3
rexanthony - Krimesquad (Mental Miracle Version).mp3
Rimini-Peter & Amaranth - the munk.mp3
Ronster - The V.I.P.mp3
russenmafia - alarm.mp3
russenmafia - Corruption.mp3
russenmafia - Go! (East Mix).mp3
S.H.O.K.K. - Folie A Deux (Klub Mix).mp3
s.o. project - direct dizko.mp3
S.O.D. - Neon Bang (P.G.L. Remix).mp3
saccoman - Metamorph (Part One Mix)
Sandra Flyn - 1st Period (a1 Original Mix).mp3
Sandra Flyn - 1st period.mp3
Sascha van Hold - Elevator up and down-promomix.mp3
schwarze puppen - Schwarze Puppen (Russenmafia Remix).mp3
sector 9 - m-fuck-ktmp3.mp3
seduction - Yoji Biomehanika (Dynamic Intervention mix).mp3
Shadow Warriors - Oval Sun.mp3
sharpside - Space Cruising.mp3
Shock! Project - Gold vrs.mp3
Shock! Project - Sweep vrs.mp3
Showtek - Save The Day (Dj Yoeri Mix).mp3
silvio ecomo - no dip.mp3
Sioux - Phoa.mp3
skysurfer - Colors.mp3
spacecraft - Dj Vortex.mp3
spellbound - Universe of live.mp3
Sta Gazers - Is There Anybody Out There.mp3
starsplash - Free (Deepack Remix).mp3
stomper feat basscar - folterabend.mp3
stormtraxx - My Acid Dream.mp3
Supermarco may - Little Man (Phy Mix).mp3
Supermarco may - Timemachine.mp3
Supermarco may - W.A.P.mp3
Sven Energy - Going Crazy (Bassraiders Remix).mp3
Sysmologic - Revulsion (rip from Pavo @ Q-Dance Radio HARD VERSION!).mp3
Sysmologic - Revulsion E.P (Unity Mix).mp3
Sysmologic - revulsion.mp3
TAQ 9 - Beatz In Time (Original Mix).mp3
tatanka and ado the dream - kriminal flash (original mix).mp3
taub - MEGAMIND.mp3
Te Ch No - Kenji Ogura feat melanie di tria kreissage typ a snd.mp3
tekknoluder-tekknoluder - madmix.mp3
The Alienator - this is war
the beholder - Beating of the Drumz.mp3
The beholder feat. Max & Mike - Beating of the drumz.mp3
The Beholder ft. Max & Mike - Beat Of Impact B1 (Orignal Mix).mp3
THE BLASTER - Listen Up Sista.mp3
THE BLASTER - War Is Comming Man.mp3
the headbanger - im in your head.mp3
The Headbanger Ft. Alee & Ruff - The Wishmaster
the hose - 2. Call it Hardstyle-TheHouse.mp3
the masochist - more drugz.mp3
the masochist - planet shock.mp3
the masochist vs. digital boy - shoutz.mp3
The Moon - In your Mind.mp3
The New Frontier aka Zenith DJ feat Gogoffre - Musica Che Domina.mp3
The New Frontier2k - Musica che domina (Domina version).mp3
the organ donors - Radio Waves (Uberdruck Remix).mp3
the retro empire - welcome to the retro arena (hard da flip mix).mp3
the sun goes down - Stormtraxx.mp3
thomas trouble - The Real Hardcore.mp3
Thomas Trouble Vs Dominator - Echoes (Michael Fusseder Rmx].mp3
THUNDERDOME 19 2 - 20 - We've killed the pengo -
Tin Rib - Captain Tinrib Live @ Dancevalley '98, Amsterdam.mp3
Tony H & Lady Helena - DJ VORTEX & ARPA'S DREAM-Crazy.mp3
trance generators - b1 never in danger yomc remix.mp3
trance generators - Never in danger (Original Mix).mp3
tuneboy - Bass Kick.mp3
tuneboy - body control (dj gius remix).mp3
tuneboy - loaded.mp3
Twister Silence - Listen to me mama.mp3
Uberdruck - NOW OR NEVER.mp3
vicious-pfeifenalarm - dj m.i.r.r.o.r at groundzero remix.mp3
Virtual DJ - From Sunset To Sunrise (Gigi Lav Remix).mp3
Waldmeister - Kahlschlag (Baced Mix).mp3
Warmduscher - Hardcore will never die
warmduscher - Hardcore Will Never Die
Warmduscher - Hardcore Will Never Die (Vocal Mix).mp3
Warmdusher - Hardcore will never die.mp3
Warp Brother - We Will Survive.mp3
wax attack - Heart Attack -Delta vs. Dj Dex Remix.mp3
Weirdo - The Shake.mp3
yoda - definately (trance generators remix).mp3
yoda - Definitely (DJ Scot Project Remix).mp3
yoji biomehanika - Ding A Ling (Dj Scot Project Remix).mp3
yves deruyter - Back To Earth (Public Domain Remix).mp3
Zenith vs Dj Avex - I'm your deejay.mp3
zero vision - Boekatsjaka.mp3
zero vision - Everybody.mp3
zero vision - Going down (Extended).mp3
zicky - she wanna (jocker mix).mp3
Heeft iemand hier ook de cd hardhouse 2 van ID & T of weet waar hij tedownloden is of is er alweer een nieuwere cd uit van id & T hardhouse

ID&T HardHouse 2

CD 1

01 Dj Tiesto - Urban Train (Cosmic Gate Remix)
02 Mark Norman Overkill
03 The Moon - In Your Mind
04 Bassraiders - Prepare To Qualify (Derler & Klitzinger Hardhouse Remix)
05 Megara vs Dj Lee - The Megara
06 Weirdo - The Shake
07 Sandra Flyn - 1st Period (Marc van Linden & D-Gor Remix)
08 Liquid Overdose - Fearsome Bass (Defence)
09 Dj Pure - My Definition (Contcrash Remix)
10 Dj Misjah & Groovehead - Trippin' Out
11 Profound - Turntable Junkie (Central Seven Remix)
12 Mo-Dem - Connect (Warp Brothers Remix)
13 Zero Vision - Going Down
14 Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth (Dj Scott Project Remix)
15 Planet Punk - X-T-Cee

CD 2

01 Dj Tomcraft - Overdose (Tony H Remix)
02 Kenji Ogura feat MDT - Kreissage (Typ A)
03 Coretex - Give Yourself To The Darkside (EFX Mix)
04 Carambola - Bleu Horizons (Deepack Remix)
05 Hennes & Cold - Sound Of Rock
06 K-Traxx - Noisetool (Tecnoboy Remix)
07 Re-Flex - Babaden (Sandra Flyn & Marc van Linden Remix)
08 DJ Wag - Life On Mars (DJ Wag Mix)
09 Hypetraxx - Paranoid (Dj Scott Project Remix)
10 Nordlicht - Cry (Hennes & Cold Remix)
11 Miss Shiva - Dreams (Cosmic Gate Remix)
12 Green Court - Inside Your Gates (Cosmic Gate Remix)
13 Longy - Spiefelsaal (ACID Remix)
14 Don Diablo - Casa Del Diablo (Dorito Remix)
15 Cosmic Gate - Fire Wire (Dj Scott Project Remix)
volgens mij moet die lijst andersom....ik heb hier wel een mp3 id-t hardhouse cd 1,,,maar die begint met prosac...of die naam is fout of het staat verkeerd om bij jouw?
of is dat al een ouwie
ik vind die cd's toch nooit wat
te soffies alt9jd
id t hardhouse is idd een beetje soft
nee die lijst van mij van id & t hardhouse 2 dat is de goeie en het ging me ook eigenlijk om dat nummer van the moon
tidy girls annual