Warning for this new Worm virus

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Ik krijg deze Info rechtstreeks van NAV dus dit is niet zo'n onzin.

W32.Bugbear@mm upgraded to category 4 due to increased submissions.

Symantec Security Response has upgraded W32.Bugbear@mm due to increased
submissions. As of 10:00 am October 2, 2002 (US Pacific Time), we have
received 40 submissions from corporate customers. Symantec recommends that
you ensure all users have up to date virus definitions, with special
attention to sometimes connected users, such as people using laptops and
remote systems.

Name: W32.Bugbear@mm
Category: 4
Virus Definitions dates
Intelligent Updater: September 30, 2002 (US Pacific Time) or later
LiveUpdate: September 30, 2002 (US Pacific Time) or later

NAV CE version number: 40930i or later
NAV CE Sequence number: 19002 or later

Method of infection: Email worm
Subject of email: Variable
Name of attachment: Variable, with double extension ending in .exe, .scr, or
Size of attachment: 50,688 bytes
Ports: 36794
Shared drives: Attempts to connect to available network resources. This
worm does not properly handle the network resource types, and may flood
shared printer resources, causing them to print several pages of garbage or
otherwise disrupt their normal functionality.
phff word hier helemaal gek gebeld door bedrijfen die dat virus hebbuh ghehe
laatste aanpassing
de oplossing hattik allang :)
stond al 3 dagen in de krant ;)
Agh, Install een goede Firewall, goed instellen, virusscanner die downloads en sites scant. Alles up to date houden. Alle updates van je OS installen. Anti Spyware prog. En beetje nadenken... en je bent wel veilig
Zorg gewoon dat ik steeds de laatste liveupdate van NAV heb :D

No fear 4 me