Trillian 1 Pro

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Vandaag is Trillian 1.0 Pro uitgekomen.
De vorige trillian versies waren gratis maar deze daarentegen kost $25.

Mocht iemand er per ongelukt 2 gekocht hebben..
Stuur mij ff een PB.. *hint* :D :D :D

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Greetingz Hieper :bounce:
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Wat is die Pro versie nou eigenlijk zoveel bijzonder dan de huidige versie die we altijd gekend hebben dan?
Je kan bijv. plugins gebruiken :)
Ik kan nu door /wa te typen laten zien welk nummer ik speel.

Features :

Feature: DND with offline folder on
Feature: Make the dragging have a cool effect
Feature: Delete key work in list control
Feature: /clear -h to remove edit history
Feature: skins - selected list border
Feature: skins - hover list border
Feature: skins - vertically center a topic controls
Feature: Status-button control in contact list
Feature: Inline list editing
Feature: Default source for contact IM sending
Feature: MetaContacts
Feature: Mass messaging
Feature: Auto History
Feature: Word Matching - Highlighting, playing a sound, triggering events, creating a tooltip
Feature: icon holder->account preferences
Feature: buddy icons smaller than 48x48 dont expand to full size
Feature: List sections
Feature: skins - List Backgrounds per section
Feature: List backgroundS (both skins and via right click)
Feature: Plugins
Feature: New Connection Manager
Feature: New Systray Alerts
Feature: Revamped prefs to have cool icons
Feature: Multiple list select removal
Feature: Floating List Entries (Contacts, Plugins, etc)
Feature: A Focus line inside text windows
Feature: Custom menus with cool menu icons
Feature: Focus windows (black and white, and transparency)
Feature: Animated emoticons
Feature: Emoticon Tooltips in emoticon window
Feature: Left/right arrows in icon holder
Feature: Menubars in contact list, IM windows and Webcam windows
Feature: Pref - Links to alwasy open in a new browser
Feature: Pref - All newline/send options can also do 'nothing'
Feature: Windows will snap to edges of other trillian windows and desktop
Feature: Sort by status
Feature: A Task menu inside the Contact List
Feature: Dragging links and text into the edit box
Feature: Find within window (Ctrl-F)
Feature: Sorting in the list views (profiles, events, etc)
Feature: Owner drawn list entries for plugins
Feature: Plugin aliases (IE: /music in winamp)
Feature: Autohide
Feature: New Login/splash screen
Feature: Added systray alert section to events
Feature: Added cool new scheduling section to events

Fixed: history button sometimes doenst work with some editors
Fixed: default text in resizable buttons does not work anymore
Fixed: Resizeable buttons dont redrawn when they are resized
Fixed: Resizeable Buttons have a better mouseover affect now
Fixed: Turn off dcc folder when no longer used
Fixed: Double Buffer Icon holder
Fixed: Uncheck of send stats doesnt stick from wizard
Fixed: Grey out play button if skin based sound is selected in events
Fixed: Expanded state sometimes doesnt stick in Contact List
Fixed: if no events are found, then put in defaults
Fixed: Some buddy icon links (aim:..) would not work correctly
Fixed: An events.xml crash
Fixed: Some Tab ordering was not proper
Fixed: Tooltips will go away in list if you click
Fixed: Mystuff crash
Fixed: no longer use 32x32 for taskbar icons
Fixed: No longer say 'hours' if there is only 1

Change: Prefs font size
Change: skins - Selected state overrides hover state in lists
MSN: allow mail alerts to be turned off.
MSN: added mobile messaging support.
MSN: added support for phone number editing.
IRC: redid the stupid connection manager.
IRC: fixed a /list bug on H6 servers.
AIM/ICQ: fixed potential issue with lists saving.
AIM: allow mail alerts to be turned off.
AIM: remove the BOS/buddy rights messages since they're inaccurate.
AIM: fixed weird bug with buddy removals when done while disconnected.
AIM: view HTML profiles with minibrowser
ICQ: added SMS
ICQ: improved profile viewing
Y!: strip FADE tag until further notice.
Y!: webcams
Y!: added group conferences.
Y!: allow mail alerts to be turned off.
IMs: added new systray tooltips for mail alerts and connection failures.
IMs: added systray tooltips to buddy alerts.
IMs: show mail accounts in contact list
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Wie heeft er een crack dan :S
Is niet mis, dat feature-lijstje...
Wel jammer dat ze nog steeds geen file-resume hebben geimplementeerd, trouwens...
Yes, kep hem inc. kraak! :p
Voor de mensen die Microscopic skin draaien,
d'r is een microscopic pro uit...


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Ik heb ff wat plug-ins online gezet :)
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