How to wake up

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Goodmorning everyone!

I need some advice. Because, when I get in at work I sit for 1,5 hour like this %) in front of my computer because my brain is still left on my pillow. I don't understand a thing and my eyes are almost falling together. I also get annoyed if anybody speaks to me and needs help with somehting, and that's not really good since I am at work....
Anybody have any advice how to minimize my %)-ness in the mornings? And I don't drink coffee, sorry...
when your using drugs you re digging you re one grave :S:P

don t do drugs :P

drugs are bad mkee :P heheh ... :)
Als je het antwoord hebt, wil ik er graag van mee-profiteren. Ik heb nl hetzelfde :P
This is how it feels if I try to express it in "­words"­: eeeuufffhmm
2..­::BFS::..­ 2 juli 2002 09:47
2 Djkali > Tweaker?? hzm vat em niet was dat ?>??
2 djkali > "drugs are bad mkee" is een standaard zinnetje wat veel op een bepaald forum gebruikt wordt. Dat forum heet en mensen die daar veel komen heten tweakers.
Dus ik vroeg me af of jij op dat forum kwam.

Gesnapt? ;)
And it is not due to drugs. It is just my head in a normal morning state I'm afraid :-S
Looky here, i'm having this problem since the day i can remember.­ And i don't think there is a cure for it.­ Maybe getting into bed early, but when i do that, it looks like my body asks for even more sleep.­ And there are no drugs or what so ever involved.­ Just try to live with it, so did i.­ You can't have it all!!
But I want *it all*!!! :-D

Well, I have had this for 1,5 years... I used to be like *DinG! AwAkE!* when the alarm clock rang but now I am like... "euuggffhh" and snooze, and then "eeuuffhhh" and snooze again.
It is a evil spiral that I find myself trapped in!!!!! ;-)
I know exactly what you're talking about.­ Before i get out off bed, my alarm clock rang about 6 times.­ May i ask for how long you've been working with your company? Maybe it's time for a new adventure? I know that whenever i start at a new job, the first 6 months getting out of bed is not a problem.­ But after that, when boringness starts to show up, i will fall back into hybernation! pffffffffffffff
to Jordees: Haha I have been workign here for a year... and yes I am bored.. .does it show? ;-)
Well, i'm speaking from my own perspective and whenever i'm bored at work, i can't push myself to get up in the morning. I think it's a common problem. You can try motivating yourself. Find a good reason to go to work, even if it's a small reason. When that's not the solution, try find a job that will satisfy (or something like that :S) you! I'm sorry, my english writing isn't what it used to be ;)
I´ve the same problem and last night I slept for 3 hours :(
There was one remedy: a cold shower (6)

it worked for me

try it some time
I have! It doesn't bite on me. Must be cause I am used to very cold temperatures :-/
Now I had 0,75 l coca-cola and its a bit better.
next time cola for breakfast? :S
And in a few year you'll trade the coke for beer and before you know it, you're the female version of Homer Simpson :S

*just kiding* :D
*haHaha* Well I can be sometimes already... (Homer Simpsons Mode On) *MmmMMM CHOCOLATE* :-D
Wat zelfbedachte of zelfervaren tips:

Vroeg naar bed gaan (duh)
Jezelf ´s ochtends de tijd geven om wakker te worden (tussen de 5 en 10 minuten)
Lang en niet te warm douchen, eventueel ijskoud afspoelen.
Niet te stevig ontbijten, bijv Brinta of Goedemorgen
jus d´Orange drinken (is lekker fris)
Lopen of fietsen naar je werk zodat je wat frisse lucht binnenkrijgt en je gezicht even koud wordt.
Op je werk beginnen met twee koppen koffie en het lezen van je mail.
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Maybe you should learn to drink coffee, you will probably not like it the first couple of times, but if you drink it with lots of sugar andmilk you will like it within a week. This is my experience with coffee:D
Try after-E.­ and Vitaminepills.­
's ochtend onder een lekkere koude douche gaan staan en een stukje joggen (de volgorde mag je zelf bepalen ;))
Hier werkt dat :P


Take a cold shower in the morning and go for a little walk (i don''t know how to translate this sentence :X)
It works here :P
this is what i did this morning...­ Walked 30mins 2 the station...­ had 1/2 litre cappuchino with lots of sugar,l listened to Promo, volume 10 allt he time till i got to office...­ Worked good...­ Feel pretty good now...­

and when i have a dip, i take a cup-a-soup!
I always put on some nice music (liveset or just a nice cd/mp3) to start my day with. I really get my energy back when I hear my favorite music!
It just makes me bouncing out of my bed :D
Loads of useful tips I should try. But I can not walk to work I'm afraid, I walk to the tram always but that doesnt' give me much, it's kind of like I am walking in a Haze.
Well, the 8th I am going ot Sweden on vacation, exactly on the date 1 year since I moved to Holland :-D I can always hope that it gets a bit better after that...!
Ik blijf toch ook bij koffie, maar die muziek opzetten in de auto naar je werk werkt ook zeker wel opwekkend.... ;)
Maybe you can't wait to see Sweden again? ;)
Could imagine that, if so than I hope this monday'feeling will be over after your holiday! :)
If you don't drink coffee you should drink tea, although it sounds a bit unbelievable, tea also contains cafeine. (not as much as coffee, a bit more than half actually)

When i really really really have a very bad morning i take 2 ephedra's, that keeps me awake long enough for my brain to get off my pillow ;P
(you can get those at the smartshop, if you didn't knew)
I just stay in bed :D
just set your wakeupcallthingie (how the hell do you spell "wekker" in english ? :P) 1 hour early , so when it goes off, and you feel like "*#%(#%*#", you can stay 1 hour longer in bed :P :P its all psychologic :P
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Ik heb precies hetzelfde als MissI...­ ik heb het dan alleen niet achter de computer maar in de werkplaats...­ me collega's laten me ook zeker het eerste uur met rust als ik binnen kom...­

Er is volgens mij weinig aan te doen...­
in ieder geval niet zo lang mogelijk in bed blijven.. ik sta altijd op en ga dan douchen en alles, en zorg dat ik dan nog een half uur heb om op mijn gemak te ontbijten en peukje te roken enzo. als ik me moet haasten heb ik geen tijd om wakker te worden, en dan is mijn ochtendhumeur echt niet te overzien.. :s
This morning it is not as terrible as yesterday.­ Yesterday was BAD.­ I was awake up by lunchtime, not one minute before...­
I just woke up :D
ik zeg altijd maar : trek de stekker uit mijn wekker :-D
I always try to get my juices pumping by walking around alot. And also one thing, start LATER and work until 6.30 of so.

It's your bio-rithm that's fucked up ;)

En Hubert jij moet je bek houden :D
since a couple of months i have the same problem, and i think it's very annoying, also for the other people (at work for example).
i keep on snoozing as long as I can and every morning im in a hurry to get to work.
when u figured out how to get rid of this, please let me know.


btw i dont like coffee either....:(
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I did something new today that worked a bit anyways! I WALKED to my job, it's like a 12 minute walk or something. I think getting some fresh air is before entering the office is a very good idea. Specially a day like today when the weather is pretty okay (atleast in Amsterdam) it was actually kind of nice :-)
Zet een lekker stevig muziekje op, dat je wel MOET dansen, works for me :-)
Zelf heb ik allemaal douche-spulletjes met mint/ eucalyptus-geur, dat werkt lekker verfrissend en je wordt er best wakker van...
Fruit als ontbijt (aardbeien, sinaasappels, kiwi, geen banaan)
Niet tien keer omdraaien, gewoon als jer wekker gaat er dan direct uit, in het begin is dat heel rot, maar het went en je bent een stuk fitter.
Je raam van je slaapkamer openhouden 's nachts, het kan zijn dat je kamer te benauwd is en daar wordt je heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel duf van.

succes :bloem:
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You see... and yeah fresh air helps...

I used to enjoy rain when walking to the office... nice fresh feeling :)