Project Speedcore Dungeon

Project Speedcore Dungeon
17 januari 2024

Nopti Albe. (binnen) op de kaart Site
Hildeboldplatz 5
schatting: speedcore
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Line-up Project Speedcore Dungeon

Polen hardcore
Compared to the last PSD, comes - PART 12 - again with more splitter and
extratone 🤘
You can look forward to a dynamic start with Insidous Speed vs Alphira, then RSR (50% of KHK) and The Entertainer will be slicing electricity out of the pipe for you until Pressterror vs El krawallo provide body thunderstorms.
Afterwards, DIABARHA will garnish your ears with a 2-hour melodic-extratone set. Epic Aggressive makes the wild final spurt
I'm looking forward to our family reunion❤️- come in large numbers on a quick mission! UNDERGROUND4LIFE

Location: Club Nopti Albe
(ex Asmara Club)
Hildeboldplatz 5,
50672 Köln

Time: 21:00 - 05:00

Contribution towards expenses and Minimum consumption In each case 20

If you have used up your drinking card, you don't necessarily need to get a new one, you can also buy drinks individually

Line Up
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