The Elysium of Sound

The Elysium of Sound
15 juli 2023
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Catharinaplein 21

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Line-up The Elysium of Sound

drum & bass, hardcore, hard techno
Frankrijk techno, hardcore
Frankrijk hardcore, techno
Tsjechië techno, hardcore
drum & bass
Verenigd Koninkrijk techno
Posponed to 19-04-2024

While preparing for this event an unexpected opportunity arised.
Eysium of Sound has caught the attention of Hardtek Holland, who have been promoting the Hardtek and Raggatek scene in the Dutch party culture for some time. They saw the line-up and immediately wanted to support this party.

After many conversations, BPM and Hardtek Holland decided to do a collaboration to ensure the best possible party experience.
This means the event on the 14th of October will be postponed untill the 19th of April 2024.
You can expect a huge sound upgrade as the Out of Orbit soundsystem will strike down in Dynamo for the first time.
The line-up will probably stay the same, with another extra addition from Hardtek Holland.
In the meantime, the mainstage of Dynamo will also undergo a transformation.

Purchased tickets will be refunded as soon as possible.
This because we have found a way to give you guyes a better price.
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