Listen Out
4 april 2023
georganiseerd door Site Site

Centennial Park (buiten) op de kaart Site
Centennial Park, New South Wales 2021
schatting: house, hip hop, r&b
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Line-up Listen Out

1Atari Stage
· zang 🇺🇸 house, hip hop, pop
🇬🇧 house, techno
🇬🇧 house
🇬🇧 house
🇬🇧 house
2909 Stage
· live 🇬🇧 house, r&b, hip hop
· zang
🇪🇸 house, techno
🇺🇸 urban, r&b, hip hop
· live 🇬🇧 hip hop


SYDNEY 28 Sept Centennial Park | PERTH 29 Sept - Ozone Reserve | MELBOURNE 5 Oct - Royal Botanic Gardens | BRISBANE 6 Oct – South Bank

Listen Out is the antidote to many of the things you don't like about big music festivals. It is a carefully handcrafted party, with a killer lineup of the dance music that matters and a philosophy of best, not biggest. Say goodbye to endless timetable clashes, long hikes to the 12th stage and spending your day with several thousand people you can't relate to. Listen Out is the right party, and we mean party not festival, for the right people.
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