Over 'n After

Over 'n After
28 maart 2023

Recycle Lounge Gallery Club (binnen) op de kaart
Zuiderzeeweg 28
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Line-up Over 'n After

house, techno, downtempo
house, techno
🇮🇱 techno


Mark your calendars!

Prepare to lose track of time in the undiscovered spheres of Amsterdam, where a portal opens to a marvellous multiverse 🔮
Before you can enter this brand new zone, you will be challenged at the Emocracy Entrance. Once inside, get ready for a night of Theatrical Clubbing as Lady Joker and Over 'n After synergise to serve you the mystery of their clever characters. The all-feminine Masters of Decks will keep your limbs afloat all night long with their hypnotic tunes and bountiful beats.


~ Lineup ~
{an all-feminine mix of local lieutenants and fresh flavours}
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