#9 · Oldschool Classics Facebook
10 februari 2021
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Line-up MXSRS

🇳🇱 hardcore, techno
🇳🇱 drum & bass, hardcore, techno


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Welcome, we are doing a different theme every month.
This month we will play Oldschool Classics! And we are taking requests! Well, only good ones 😉

This months session will also include video!

Fuelled by an insane obsession for collecting the very best in hard electronic dance music, PRSPCT artist Li-Z and Stefan ZMK are a deadly force on stage.
Both renowned for their unique selections, together they fuse genres like acidcore, industrial hardcore, techno, breaks, tekno, rave, bass, house, IDM, gabber and drum & bass together with surgical precision. Tune in every month for a boundless b2b mix session of all the above.