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Parco dei Settefrati (buiten) op de kaart
Strada Statale 317
San Venanzo
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Line-up WAO Festival

15093Facebookuitnodigingen + geïnteresseerd + bezoekers @ 27 augustus 2020
We Are One, this is the principle underlying the Festival’s philosophy: dissolution of individuality, rediscovery and exploration of the deep connections that make us part of this world, part of a lively and vibrant community

At WAO Festival the Nature acts as Great Priestess🔱 embracing us all in her wood and leaves scented arms, where we can forget about the stressy bustle of everyday-life in order to abandon ourselves in a dimension that seems to be outside the time 🌈

A vast and varied line-up, to enjoy at both Alternative and Main stages, will entertain us 24h with live shows and dj-sets, during which we will have also the chance to walk into jugglers’ and performers’ shows, for a real fest for the eyes (and for the ears too!)
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