Ecstatic Dance

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Line-up Ecstatic Dance

Shut up and dance! 7 days a week! Dj's and schedule

You are invited to dance your own dance. Experiment with movement, express yourself or play. The exquisite music takes us on a journey.

Odessa's belly proves to be an intimate space where you might connect to others on the dancefloor. Without speaking, as we will keep verbal (and digital) communication to an absolute minimum.

1. No talking
2. No intoxication
3. Dance however you wish
4. Respect yourself and one another
5. We dance barefoot

18:00 - 23:30 | Ship open, spa deck open, vegan soup + bread
19:00 - 19:30 | Dancefloor open
19:30 - 22.00 | Opening + Dj set Ecstatic Dance
22:00 - 23:45 | Time to socialize/spadeck
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