Erasmus SpringBreak Party

flyer Erasmus SpringBreak Party
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Superdisco (binnen) op de kaart
Schiedamse Vest 91A

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Line-up Erasmus SpringBreak Party

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Wake up, it's Spring Break!

It's time for you to flourish, abandon your books and SPRING back to life! The sun might not shine in Rotterdam but it will in SUPERDISCO

Nature awakens, days get longer and there is more time to PARTY! Unfreeze the party animal that was hybernated inside YOU!🐻

This and more at the ERASMUS SPRING BREAK PARTY!
After days and weeks spent studying, the time to party has come! And what a better way to do so than by celebrating with our lovely ERASMUS family?

With exams over and holidays around the corner, it's time to let yourself go and embrace the craziness of SPRING BREAK!

🎧 DJ Lineup
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