Extrem Berlin #2

Extrem Berlin #2

Extrem Berlin #2 (flyer)

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Extrem Berlin #2 // 3rd March 2016
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Extrem Berlin #2 // 3rd March 2015

● Eiterherd (AT)
As a music producer he released several records on Austrian and international labels, most notably his debut album “1984 vs. 1999” (Widerstand/Praxis, 1999), which deals with the topics of surveillance state and cryptography. His musical style can be described as “dark, sick music” aka. fast or slow, noisy broken/cut up distorted disco produced with Schismtracker on Linux.

● C-drík ●
C-drík, aka Cdrk, Kirdec, Y-drík, M-drík, F-drík and many other “-drík” is a multifaceted vegan artist, academically trained musician, dj, singer, composer and drummer who has been involved since the late 1980’s in the electronic and experimental music network, including works for video, theatre and choreography, essays and lectures. He developed projects, performed live and give lectures in more than 50 countries in Europe, far east and south Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and North America.

● Bart Hard (NL)
The Art Of Breakcore, The Noise Of Holland, Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot… These are a few of the event series in the hands of Bart Hard, who has been organizing several underground events for over 10 years. A vinyl dj & collector of underground music in a variety of styles, Bart Hard will join the live acts of Extrem Berlin #2 with a mixture of illbient soundscapes, noisecore and raw breakcore.

● Erdloch (WTF) ●
Extrem’s energetic resident DJ and live experimenter who aims at causing the collapse of the surface under your feet or the catapultation of your physical body into a wormhole. She roams freely in the realms of breakcore, speedcore, hardcore, techno, IDM, and the unclassifiable.

● DJ Holmen (NL)
DJ Holmen is an obscure DJ who prefers playing noise, industrial breakcore and flashcore. His specialty is to create rare atmospheres with records freaks don’t recognise. After playing at events like No Commercial Sounds, Dawn Of A Dark Era, Optimus Prime Noisefest and The Art Of Breakcore he will prepare a very special set that fits Extrem Berlin perfectly.

● back2back ●
There will be at the end of each session a collective assault by the willing performing artists, throwing all their symbiotic power in a post-atomic finale. The idea is to accelerate audio particles, cause them to collide, and eventually open new doors.