­ Nederland
Beethovens 5th hardcore (Beethoven)2:36hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Hardcore-MiniMix (Ockt.2023)19:25hardcore
Get off my ass4:11electro
We gaan nog niet naar huis! (De gangmakers)1:46hardstyle
Betrayal (WIP) **UPDATE SINCE 02.11.2023**3:15classic hardstyle
Bass Witch3:36techno
We feel the same · Originial3:07techno
Requiem for a Dream edm/hardstyle (Imdb)3:50hard dance
Crystal Castles Transgender edm mix (Pia Cristal Castles) · Voor de lol3:51EDM
Dj Skoo-K - (LIVESET) HardcoreMix 2004 (Vinyl)53:57hardcore
The sick spirit -a chance3:51hardcore
The enzyme attack mashup2:55hardcore
A Dragon's Tale (IBC Festival Anthem 2023) **FINISHED** · New Kick - New Melody - WIP4:36hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - LIVESET - Hardcore-MiniMix (Apr.2023)13:44hardcore
De nieuwe gabber2:45hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Push it bass (Preview)2:57hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Track Collection (3)50:30hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Track Collection (2)48:31hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Track Collection (1)55:06hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - New Tracks 2023 -Preview- (mix) · trks: Push It Bass & Horizon (Preview)2:17hardcore
Light your inner fire1:59hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Tha Future4:03hardstyle
Dj Skoo-K - Horizon (Preview) · mrt.20232:16hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Dance wivf Miejh3:39hardcore
Dj Skoo-K & Dj Bloncka - Ekstermineeth7:26hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Mazster5:24hardcore
Frequency (Robert van der vegte aka frequency) · gemaakt met garageband4:09EDM
Dj Skoo-K - (Previewtje) · Nieuwe Track in de maak.1:09hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - LIVESET - Hardcore-MiniMix (Mrt.2023)24:29hardcore
Freaqworld · niet2:47EDM
Identify2:58deep house
The Energizer - Into Space (WIP) **RE-Upload since 30.12.22** · 150 bpm1:52hardstyle
Dj Skoo-K - SubSoul-MiniMix *Icarus Special* (Jan.2023)24:02soul
America (Faith In God) **RE-Upload since 18.11.2022** · 195BPM - New Kick - WIP2:53hardcore
Dj Insane ft. MC Skoo-K -LIVE @ Hardcoreradio43:52hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - LIVESET @ Skoo-K Bday Bash (2014)51:52hardcore
Dj Skoo-K ft. B-Loca - X-Terminate7:56hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Hardcore-MiniMix (Nov.2022)21:01hardcore
Dj Fusionatah ft. Dj Skoo-K - Evil Stops6:43hardcore
Dj Skoo-K ft. Fusionatah - Gaan Met Die Banaan5:08hardcore
Danger Hardcore Team (DHT) & MC Skoo-K - LIVE @ HardcoreRadio57:34hardcore
Distortion vs. Radiate & Skoo-K - LIVE @ HardcoreRadio42:11hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Breenkrekking3:26hardcore
Dj Skoo-K - Fuck It4:22hardcore