The Midway SF

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The Midway SF
12 mei 2022
Adres900 Marin Street
San Francisco
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The Midway SF is a new multifaceted space at 900 Marin Street in San Francisco's burgeoning Dogpatch neighborhood. The Midway Creative Complex is a one-of-a-kind space, dedicated to bringing art, entertainment, and education under one synergistic and collaborative roof.

Simultaneously a creative resource center and learning facility, the complex doesn't only house artists and their work but also provides a space for the general public to engage with and experience San Francisco's dynamic arts and music communities.

Spearheaded by a vibrant and experienced team that is dedicated to providing a hub of creative connectivity in the Bay, The Midway caters to a wide variety of San Francisco's inhabitants. By partnering with local music and arts-oriented nonprofits, The Midway actively engages with and enriches its community.
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