The youngest female DJ ever at a harder styles festival: Miss Isa (13)

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The youngest female DJ ever at a harder styles festival: Miss Isa (13)
10 oktober 2023
Miss Isa is making history as the youngest female DJ to ever perform at a harder styles festival like Elektrum, at just 13 years old. Her impressive journey began four years ago. Since then, she has been working hard to perfect her DJing skills. 

Miss Isa already has a few gigs to her name, such as Bevrijdingspop Haarlem and Finally Fiesta. With her energetic DJ skills, she quickly stood out in the scene. In her own words: "Making music makes me happy and gives me a boost of energy". 

Her love for music began at a young age: at the age of nine, she started taking DJ lessons at DJ School Amsterdam. This was a shared ambition with her father, as they both have a deep passion for hardstyle music. Although she has tried various styles, her love for raw hardstyle is the greatest. 
Miss Isa has started producing under the guidance of an experienced producer. This new development gives her the chance to discover her own unique sound and share it with the world. 

Miss Isa has quickly become a rising talent in the world of harder styles and her performance at Elektrum Festival is a milestone not to be missed! This is just the beginning of Miss Isa's promising career. In her own words: "You haven't seen the last of me".

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