Tom Zeta returns to Holland for WattrWorld

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Tom Zeta returns to Holland for WattrWorld
5 juli 2023
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Hi Tom, let's start with an easy one. How are you doing?
Haha, I don't know how easy of a question that is, but I can say that things are going well in the grand scheme of things. And like everybody else I have the good, and then the rest that I'm working through! No complaints here! 😉

How is life in Ibiza after relocating from Holland?
It's very different! We spend a lot more time outside here in Ibiza and it's much more spontaneous; I'm meeting new people every week. But everytime I come home from a show abroad, Ibiza feels more and more like home!

Where have you played recently that made a big impression on you?
Tbilisi, Georgia made a huge impression on me! My friend and fellow DJ Legroni invited me to play an open-air party in the middle of the city with him. All the local people were so warm and welcoming, the hospitality of the country is next level! The people danced all night with me, we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise together. Doesn't get too much better than that!

In the studio, you've released hot tracks on Diynamic and Monaberry. What software/hardware did you use to make those tracks?
For my music I always use a combination of many things. I love to sketch ideas with my Prophet 6 analog synthesizer to get started. I use my go-to hardware, record it and bring it all into Ableton on my laptop. Besides that I'm always recording new sounds outdoors, loading them into the computer and manipulating the catch of the day to cook up something tasty. That Zeta Flavour! ;)

How did you get connected with those outstanding labels?
Honestly my first music on Diynamic was submitted through the general demo email. Solomun was enthusiastic and played it a lot before I got the news that they wanted to release it. I couldn't say no..

You are returning to Wattrworld, please describe what it was like playing on such a spectacular boat.

A boat party is always really special because you start and end the journey with everyone on board. So there's a special bond you create, especially during the set. It's very intimate, on a whole new level! Like the people can't just jump off..haha! Kidding. I also love swimming and being on the water. I'm Dutch so you know I'm looking forward to getting on that spectacular ship.

This time you will perform alongside Paul Sparkes at Wattrworld, the weather should be good and the crowd are in full expectation. What sounds can we expect from you?

I love the element of surprise, so definitely something unexpected will appear in my set. Overall, a happy and energetic sound with a lot of rhythm to ensure everyone keeps dancing. All the vibes on board!! ;)

You recently recorded a set for the Melodic Deep House podcast? How was that for you?
It's always a pleasure to have a mix out for fans to enjoy at home. I love sharing my current sound and favorite music selections that you would hear at my shows, especially with those who don't go out and like to listen from home. That's okay too but we sure do miss you on the dance floor! Remember, everyone needs a fun night-out dancing, once in a while!

Please tell us about your future plans, upcoming gigs and studio releases.
Big plans for the future! I'm working with my manager at the moment on rolling out some very exciting things. Can't say too much about it. But in terms of new releases, there's a lot of new music coming your way this year on my label Zeta Flavour! Very tasty music. 😉

And finally, please share with our readers anything funny/amusing you saw at an event recently?
YES! I played the Mystic Garden festival recently and it happened to be MUY CALIENTE! OOof. In front of the stage I was playing, there were a lot of big trees around the dance floor so everyone gathered underneath to dance in the shade, avoiding the HOT sunlight. It was very funny from my point of view because thousands of people were under the trees and then you had these random open spots of just sunlight on the dance floor. It was a sight for sore eyes, very funny!

Thank you Tom for your time today and for speaking to Partyflock! Wattrworld presents Tom Zeta & Paul Sparkes on Saturday 15 July.

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