FORTELLA about making music: "It gives me peace, inspiration, and happiness."

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FORTELLA about making music: "It gives me peace, inspiration, and happiness."
5 mei 2023
While living above a nightclub in London, FORTELLA decided to attend a party there. Her life changed forever. "The moment I knew this is what I wanted to do, is when I saw Hannah Wants behind the decks commanding the room with such ease." FORTELLA says. Find out more about the rising female DJ and producer!

"Making music is like medicine"
In the beginning of her career, FORTELLA was going with the flow. "I had big aspirations in terms of my mixing skills and ability. Initially, I was frustrated that I couldn't do what I wanted to do in terms of tricks and fast mixes. Fast forward to now and it seems like a thing of the past. I'm still not where I want to be, but in my eyes, you always keep going a level up." She says.
With her current path, FORTELLA is living her dream. "So I guess you could say 8 years of perseverance, learning, developing, and more learning, here we are. Making music is like medicine. It gives me peace, inspiration, and happiness. Seeing people sing back your song to you is pretty surreal. Making music to also provide others with joy is what it's all about, I love it. The best messages I get are from people saying how my songs have helped them through dark times, and I love that. I know how it is, I've been in their position."
FORTELLA has reached over 1.5 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone and it's still a 'pinch me' moment for her. Signed to Virgin Records, the label supports her like no other, she says: "Honestly, they're great. They really get the vision, are so supportive, and are constantly suggesting ideas and opportunities."

FORTELLA's inspiration
The DJ and producer pulls her inspiration from experiences and surroundings. "When I do a work out, I get a lot of ideas. They either just come to me, or they come from a combination of song shuffling while being in the zone, with not many thoughts on my mind. I also love nature and being alone in it." Furthermore, she has a couple of role models, from her friends to well-established DJs. "For me, a role model is first and foremost kind. Then, to be a role model to me they usually have a hunger and drive for success in a positive way. I find that very inspiring and their energy reflects back to me. I also get a sense of wanting to help that person and will match their drive and energy, so we can help level each other up. It's a great feeling."

"I want to provide a platform for all women in music"
FORTELLA initiated a campaign to include more female producers and DJs in the EDM scene. "I've first hand experienced sexism and disregard before I even started playing. Why must women be looked down upon or judged because of their gender? It's wrong, and it's going on for way too long. So, combined with helping more women into the scene, the importance of seeing us as equals is just as important."
Added to that, FORTELLA organized an all-female songwriter camp earlier this year in partnership with Virgin Records. "I loved every second. It was a real honor to work with such talented women. It was a beautiful achievement in itself." And would she like to organize this more often? Absolutely, she says!
FORTELLAs goal in the future is to create and develop a platform to push through as many deserving and talented women as possible. "Who deserve the lineup positions and aren't judged before even starting based on gender. But also, I want to provide a platform for all women in music, not just from the artists' side. From other sides too including the label, productions and releases."