The Rise Of Galantis

The Rise Of Galantis

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Is er iets wat ze in Zweden niet kunnen? Muziek komt er in ieder geval genoeg vandaan. Een aantal weken terug had ik het genoegen om het Zweedse duo 'Galantis' te interviewen. Inmiddels kent iedereen ze wel door hun megahit 'Runaway.' Wij onderwierpen hen aan een vragenvuur

Hey guys, your new album 'Pharmacy' is reading to rock the world and you just released a new track called 'Peanut Butter Jelly'. Happy with the results?

Christian: We are great. We are super happy and we have been working very hard in the last two years. We have been working 24/7 in the studio on the album. It is a big moment for us to finally put it out there.
Linus: It is a scary moment. We have been living with these tracks and it is a relief to finally finish the album and put it out there.

The Birth Of Galantis

For the people who don't know who you are, tell us a little bit how Galantis was born?

Linus: Well actually we have been friends for a very long time. I was asked to do a remix for Miike Snow and I think they liked it. So we started to hang out and then we talked about making some music. It took a while, we tried a few things and after that we decided to form 'Galantis'
Christian: Well, I was a big fan of Style Of The Eye and that is why he was asked to do a remix for us. When we met, we had a lot of things in common, like the way we work and our high energy level. When you are in a creative mode, you have to match with whom you are working with in the studio. Everyone is different. We definitely matched in the studio. The next step was finding out how the sounds of us both could be integrated in the tracks. That was an interesting journey with a lot of fun, resulting 'Smile' being our first song. Then we knew; 'This is the sound of Galantis'. That is how Galantis was born.

You guys were (or are still part) of other music icons? How did the work of Miike Snow and Style Of The Eye formed you musically

Linus: I think that everything that we have done, has led up to this. Everything is a lesson learned. All the things are coming out in the form of Galantis. It is a mixture of Christian's and my story.
Christian: We gained a lot of tools and music over the years, being performers and dj's. For me personally, being a producer/songwriter is one thing, but starting Miike Snow was a big moment. And that is an important part why I wanted to be in Galantis. The freedom of being in your own group and writing your own music.

The sound of Galantis already destroying dancefloors worldwide. What can your sound add to the already very big dance music scene worldwide? Any specific sounds you are aiming for and maybe a secret succes formula?

Christian: When sitting in the studio, you do not think to much, just be creative. But you also have to filter out which (parts of) tracks are the strongest, and are suited within you sound as a band/group/dj formation. Then we start with the song writing, which is basically finding the right lyrics to support the melody. In the end we find a track suitable when it fits our sound. It is hard to say that we aim for a specific sound, because do not only write/make music for the dancefloor. We love to write lyrics and melodies and it is in important that you make different music for different situations, like music for a club or just to listen to at home. The dancefloor is one part that we love, but it is not everything.
Linus: That is actually the reason why we started making music together. We have heard one thing in today's dance music. We think that there was a 'musical' gap in the current music. We have thought about what kind of music would fit in that gap, because it was not there yet.

Back in the days, what has been your worst job (before your musical career)?

Christian: I never had a job!
Linus: I got signed when I was fifteen years old. Before I was standing in an ice-cream van, selling ice-cream and hamburgers. I brought drums into that van and was playing on them, during working hours. I was fired after two weeks, because I made too much noise and was too loud.

Have you ever been arrested? And if so, what for?

Christian: No comment…
Linus: I have never been arrested.


Your new album 'Pharmacy' is conquering the world. Can you tell us how you experienced the creative process of the album?
Linus: I think it is always a different journey, when you are doing your first album. You are not on tour; you have more time than you will probably ever have. It is a special journey, which you will only experience once. Also this is the point were you have the most (artistic) freedom ever. It was an amazing journey and we have put everything we got into it. Our collaboration (between me and Christian) was the biggest inspiration. We wrote a lot of tracks and we waited for the right moment to select them and form an album.

Your track 'Runaway (U & I)' exploded on to the worldwide dancefloors and has been remixed several times. What's the most awesome remix you heard of the track?

Linus: I have to say the Dillon Francis remix
Christian: Amazing track. It is amazing to see how many times 'Runaway (U & I)' was remixed this year, and all of them are high quality remixes. We love to play the Dillon Francis remix and also the Quintino remix is a very nice one. That shit is dope. We just remixed it, we found it and we asked Quintino if he wanted to officially release it.


What can we expect in the near future from Galantis?

Christian: I think we have started doing our own shows. We are looking forward doing them. On festival it is a different set-up. You have to play for a lot of people, who may not know your music. Now it is touring 'the living hell' out of ourselves!
Linus: It feels like this is just the 'tip of the iceberg'. This is just the beginning.

Any last words for the Partyflock community?

Christian and Linus: We love you, sincerely form our hearts!