BROKEN EARDRUMS mixed by Vreestyle

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Broken Eardrums:smoke:
Style: Hardcore/Industrial/Mainstream
Time: 1:19:51
Bitrate: 224Kbps
Filesize 127Mb


Artist TRACK Label

Negative A: Hermafrodite DNA11
The Speedfreak: The Final Truth ISR-66
The Wishmaster: Disobedience COL17
Dione: The Freakshow MRV087
DJ Bike: Bike’s Drum TH004
Maddog: Kick that shit TRAX0062
Project Omeaga: Prednison Attack NZM09
Neophyte & Evil activities: Invasion NEO029
Art of Fighters: Redemption TRAX0069
Despairful Tomorrow: And hell Followed MOK100
Ophidian & Ruffneck: So many Sacrifices NZM27
Meccano Twins: Tendrils of Agony TRSE023
Endymion: Payback (TK Yes I Am RMX) NZMVIP08
C.O.R.E System: Healty Habitz MTL04
Alkaline 3DH: Fly by Wire (Catscan RMX) ROTSP4
G-shock: Demons (Promo RMX) T3RDM12
Nuclear Device: Lost u Boyz IR013
Negative A: Hennesy DNA1
Nagoya: Enemy CM054
Noize Supressor: My life still Sucks NOIZE006
Metal Head: Conquest of Paradise MTL02
Metal Head: Rolling Phase MTL05
Evil Activities: Nobody Said it was Easy NEO036
Chosen Few & S’aphira: Da funky BeatZ MOK116
N-vitral: Bonck T3RDM137
Enzyme X: Afterburner NZM-X-29
Enzyme X: Dissonant Poetry VIP Synapse & Seizure RMX EXV07
Turbulence & Terrorists: 6 Million ways 2DIE (headbanger RMX)A2017C02[/hidden]

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