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Riders take to the road again for a journey that is already adding to the science of rpm - everyone riding the video masterclass was wearing a Polar heart rate monitor. The results of the monitoring have been graphed and will be given to instructors in the education session to demonstrate the effects of interval training embodied in the RPM coaching model.

Alternating periods of work and recovery remain at the heart of the program to ensure success for all with teachers encouraged to constantly stress to participants the benefits of interval training for burning calories and building strength and endurance.

RPM 35 kicks off with a funky Latino sound to hook you into the ride and get you comfortable in the sddle. Then the pace is on as we ride the RPM cadence ladder in the three stages of "half", "building" and "top pace" to prepare the body for the work ahead. Motiv8's Riding on the Wings is a standout track to drive the first hill climb, with another top tune from Snow Patrol for the mixed terrain.

An RPM innovation sees riders testing themselves in an individual time trial in Track 5 - Guns N' Roses Paradise City will blast them to a great result.

Riders can enjoy their own 'pace and space' as they hit the open road with the cruisey sound of Dario G. Then the packs goes hard out for a towering five-phase mountain climb that delivers the ultimate interval training experience.
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geen rpmers hierzo?!! ik heb het nooit gedaan iig!
Het enige programma wat ik dus echt helemaal niets vind.­ Ieder zijn ding, ik ben meer van de pasjes en verschillende oefeningen.­ RPM is iig niets voor mij...­
vrijdag avond, standaard;)