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More and more people are dancing up a storm with BODYJAM and this new class is gonna hook in even more. Simple choreo from start to finish will open the door to more first-timers, while experienced Jammers get the authentic styles and breakout sensations they have come to expect.

Club sounds set up the warm-up and throbbing synths from Omarion line up perfectly with creative isolation work. Then the brand new Oldskool style kicks in with a classic from the late great James Brown. The simple footstrikes in the add-on choreo allow you to focus on perfecting the Lock 'N' Pop combo.

'Soft, flowing and sexy' sums up the Latin track and the ultimate Ricky Martin experience. Then we rip up the dance floor with Basement Jaxx and Trash Jam - an all-new mash-up of Jazz, Krump and Hip Hop where you can go absolutely bonkers.

Ring the Alarm is another breakout number to start our House block. Get ready for an out-of-body experience with this remix of Beyonce - it's like clubbin' at 4am!

Fedde Le Grand keeps the party bouncin' with his "Hands Up" gargantuan hit and you get to experiment with your hips to Gwen Stefani before breaking out again with JT and chillin' out with super-cool Jay-Z.
Ik ga zeker ff paar lessen meedoen (y) ziet er beter uit als de vorige die was gwn te saai voor woorden.. 6x gdaan daarna niet meer. Vooral mt Candy man hele tijd heen en weer hoppen :bounce:
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jam is saai :gaap: niets voor mij! veel te soft combat is veel leuker ;)
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Jam is helemaal niet saai ! ,, All1 de meeste jongens houden er niet van (niet alle jongens, in tegendeel).
Ik vind het wel leuk, all1 de ene release is leuker dan de andere.. Als ik hem al na 2x kan is het niet meer zo'n uitdaging.. Maarjah ik ga het gwn weer proberen en dan zie ik wel weer ;)
Try before you judge it ..
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