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Friends and Star Kids,

What follows are some of the most stupendous developments to date in the effort to disempower the Cabal currently exerting control in governments and society.
What follows is a report on the dramatic events leading up to the breaching of a secret Cabal prison in New Mexico containing many scores of Star Visitors, and their successful liberation on Thursday, May 17, 2007.
The Report also contains an analysis of why this event marks a sea-change in the struggle by lightworkers to break the power of the Cabal, a shift so powerful that I designate it the New D-Day.
In the space of two weeks, my Team of psychic workers and I went from first learning of the existence of a major Cabal installation holding many scores of Star Visitors prisoner to creating the conditions which resulted in for their safe rescue. The description of this Exercise, with chronology, follow.
I have used some discretion in limiting details that are not essential. This helps preserve some privacy where warranted.
First,let me introduce the principals involved. The psychics who have worked closely with me, including on this project are Fran, Marja, Wendi, Suzi, Judy, Marian and Shan-Lyn.
The psychics were on many occasions assisted by Star Visitors, who provided information, clarification of things remote-viewed, and filled in details on data needed for the Mission.
The Good-Guys military and intelligence assets include the same Counter-Insurgency Team (CIT) that previously liberated the Human-Star Visitor clones from the Djupidalur, Iceland installation; aided by Special Forces teams from NSA and CIA.
Thus, this Mission was the result of combined efforts of psychic Humans, Star Nations, and good-guys mil-intel operators - the Axis of Good.

On May Third, Fran relayed to me important information obtained from her remote viewing. She had discovered a major underground Cabal installation imprisoning and torturing many scores of Star Visitors. The installation is within DeBaca County, New Mexico., and five miles underground.
I used her information to develop GPS coordinates and a Google satellite map of the area [don't ask], surmised that the installation is partly imbedded into a mountainous area, and enlisted the aid of other psychic to develop further information. They all were anxious to help.
Alonia, a Zeta cooperative- consciousnesses group who work with Fran, provided corroboration of all this, and added additional information.
Wendi was familiar with the installation, having Dream-Walked (a kind of out-of-body travel) there a number of times when the Cabal had her their prisoner.
Other psychics on the team developed further information on the kinds of Star Visitors being held and abused. Some were physical flesh-and-blood Star Persons of various races, including some higher-ups within the Star Nations organizational structure. Others were energy beings, such as the Orbs folk. There was even a moderately-intellig ent pet of one of the Star Visitors being held, a being of jellyfish-like consistency (without the tentacles) that lived in water and shared thoughts and images telepathically with its master.
Our psychics examined the holding facility. It occupied the lower levels of a secret but legitimate government research installation. The commander of the legitimate government lab was unaware of the Cabal operations going on underneath him. He had been told that there were two tunnel levels underneath his lab that were hot with radiation from a failed energy weapons experiment (true). He was not aware that there were additional tunnel levels under the rad tunnels.
These are the lower levels where Star Visitors were held by extremely powerful, dense, and complex electromagnetic- containment fields, backed by artificially- generated radiation fields to disorient the Star Being captives. The Cabal had code-named this prison SkyHawk-ULTRA.
Our psychics learned that the person in charge of the taking of Star Visitors prisoner and assigning them to one of the various detention installations like this one is named Anders. I believe that I have made possible identification of who this individual is, but until he is brought to justice and convicted, I am not going to provide further identification.
Another psychic sketched a rough map of the installation' s levels based on remote-viewing. (See attachment.)
Judy provided further information from the Orbs folk about security measures the Cabal had emplaced in the containment tunnels. Other details came in from various team psychics. Without the abundant, accurate and detailed intelligence developed by this psychic team, the good-guys in charge at DNI, CIA and DII would not have believed there was a rogue operation under the legitimate laboratory. These women are heroes in the dismantling of the Cabal.
We were ready for me to convene a Joint Psychic Exercise inviting thousands of members of my on-line groups and mailing list to join us. The Exercise would involve using psychic abilities to effect the incapacitating of the subterranean prison, and the leading of the Star Visitors to the surface and freedom.
Then Star Nations advised us to not put out a general Joint Psychic Exercise notice.
I previously had invited the leader of the counter-insurgency team (CIT) that had effected the liberation of Human-Star Visitor clones from a Cabal detention installation in Iceland to consider joining our effort to free the Star Visitors from the Cabal holding cells in New Mexico. He immediately agreed,and had his team do supplementary reconnaissance of that site.
On May 11, the CIT leader sent me an electrifying encrypted message. He had been approached by CIA officers, who had been decrypting and reading our communications. They stated that they had been unaware of the New Mexico installation' s secret activity being done by the Cabal. They did their research and discovered that it was all true. They said that they would be releasing the Star Visitor captives upon the CIT leader's request. They further revealed hat they were under orders from Director of National Intelligence, Mike McConnell, the CIA Director, General Michael Hayden, and the Director of Interstellar Immigration, Thomas Kithins. The CIT team leader said he had never heard of the Dept.of Interstellar Immigration, (nor had I.) Undoubtedly it is extremely secret. Until now. :-)
These officials are aware of the Cabal, but the Cabal members' individual names are not known. As of this operation, they will have some names.
They agreed that a joint operation would be conducted. The CIT Team would lead, accompanied by a CIA team and an NSA team. The CIA team would consist of 20 credentialed officers, carrying official orders to take control of the unauthorized Lower Levels and shut the holding facility down. The NSA team would consist of 25 elite DELTA and Shadow Knights special-forces operators prepared to Kick Kabal Keister, if necessary. The purpose would be to extract the Star Visitors from the installation, with no shots fired, by presenting official orders.
The CIT leader demurred at my suggestion to overlay a Joint Psychic Exercise on this military-intelligen ce liberation operation. (My surmise is that the military and intelligence leaders had seen the damage we had effected on the Cabal-area equipment at Naval Weapons Station Charleston, and the "deactivated" Rome Air Force Base (New York), and preferred their way.)
Star Nations passed on through me and the CIT leader to NSA the request for a three-mile-diameter cleared airspace around the place where the freed Star Visitors would be picked by their starcraft at 11:30 am, MDT, flanked overhead by two additional Zeta craft. The starcraft would be cloaked,and the Star Visitors transferred from the ground to on-board via teleportation. Star Nations would also provide protective energy to those involved in the liberation.
The Star Nations were so impressed with the CIT Team's courage and selfless readiness to serve that they explicitly compared then to what in Earth culture are called Jedi Knights.
On the morning of May 17, at 10:00 New Mexico time, the CIT Team, accompanied by the CIA and NSA Teams and the by-now informed and cooperating commander of the official-government installation, accosted the commander of the Cabal Lower Depths. I'll let the CIT leader relate the details.

"Dr. Boylan,

"I am back from NM a lot earlier than expected, and everything went fairly smoothly. I don't know if you've heard anything from Star Nation's side, but I am pretty impressed with our friends in the "good" part of the CIA/NSA. They were very professional, and followed my orders perfectly. My old commander had no problems with me, nor did I with him (although I still dislike him a great deal).
All of the Star Visitors were extracted. I hope Star Nations is pleased. No violence was necessary.
Now I'm sure you want to know why I said, "fairly smoothly," and not, "perfect." Well, we did have a little run in with about ten of the Cabal's agents, who tried to present us with fake Presidential orders saying this base was to remain "as is" by order of our Commander-in- Chief. At first I was shocked, fearing that it was legit and that we had traveled all this way and worked so hard to make this mission go smoothly for nothing. Fortunately for all of us this was not the case, because then we'd have to double-back home to prepare a less orthodox operation. It seemed that the, "presidential orders," were fake, which was pointed out by A., who is a paper-pusher for the NSA who is pretty high up in the analysis department. He was there to oversee intelligence gathering and code decryption during the mission. Thank God he was there, or I'd be sitting here pulling my hair out trying to put together another operation.
Anyway, once they knew they had been beaten, the Cabal agents left in anger, and did nothing to defend their unlawful installation. Their totalitarian- like leaders were unable to do anything.
The installation commander had been notified prior to going there, and was very, very willing to help. He was indeed unaware of what was going on below him, the lower levels being ran by yet another installation commander. The top, "clean," levels were used, oddly enough, for seismic activity research in one part and advanced communications research in another part. Below them were six levels, two which were toxic and unused, and four below them that were being used for activity unknown to them for quite awhile (the actual amount of time is unknown).
Being obviously outnumbered, the Cabal-appointed commander surrendered the captive Star Visitors with no stand-off or argument. We gave him an hour to release them, or we were going in hot. He allowed us access to his part of the facility fifteen minutes after he was notified. At first he said he could be there because he had, yet again, presidential orders. It turned out he really did think he had those orders, but they were the same orders presented to us by the Cabal agents prior to contacting him. Commander G. tried to convince him he was wrong, but the [lower-levels] commander begged to differ. I decided to have a go at it, and it turned out we knew each other (him knowing me a little more than I knew him). Needless to say, I have had a less-than-fruitful history with this man.
To make a somewhat long story short, we got the Star Visitors out of there and transported them five miles due east of the facility, just in case. Once we had transported them, they knew exactly where to go to be transported up to Star Nation's ships (I don't know how, but I'm glad they did, because even I did not know where exactly they should go, the ships being shielded and invisible), and [the liberated Star Visitors] vanished out of thin air.
Well, that about covers it. Congrats to all who helped with this operation on a job well done!"
[End of CIT leader's report]

I also heard from the CIA and NSA teams Task Force, which evidently had code-named itself SATL.

"Dr. Richard Boylan,

"On behalf of all of us who participated in Thursday's event, I would like to say thank you. Without you, and the connections favoriet you have, none of this would have been known to us for quite some time, if at all.
"Inform [CIT leader] that we, again, are thankful of his abilities, and his devotion. We have already expressed our gratitude plentifully, but no thanks is enough for what he has done.



One final thing: why do I call this the New D-Day? Because the Cabal has considered the United States government, the most powerful in the world, as a principal source of its power, by infiltrating it and subverting its power, especially in military and intelligence operations. The Cabal rely on being invisible and not found out.
And therefore, this Thursday's action goes deep. It is my intuition that this marks a Turning Point, on an equivalence to D-Day in WW II, when the tide of the war turned, and the Nazis began to fall back.
For Thursday, May 17, 2007 marks the Turning Point, when the Cabal begin to see the handwriting on the wall. "Mene, Mene, tekel upharsin." "You have been weighed in the scales of justice and found wanting." [Book of Daniel, 5:25-27]
With the Director of National Intelligence, Director of Central Intelligence Agency, and Director of the Department of Interstellar Immigration now quite aware as to Cabal infiltration and usurpation of legitimate military and government assets to accomplish their dirty work, the Cabal no longer have the advantage of being invisible in order to escape scrutiny.
It makes a difference, too, for Star Nations. They are _deeply_ touched when Humans choose to extend themselves in service, and indeed at considerable risk of harm, to see to the restoration of well-being to Star Visitor guests upon our planet. Thursday marked a signal day in the improvement of Star Nations' perception of Humans as a species. We are capable of altruistic self-sacrifice not only for our own kind, but for Visitors from the stars as well. Such is the mark of an advancing species.
It is now up to us to finish the job of extirpating the Cabal infiltration into our institutions of power and influence. Then we will become fit to have Star Nations openly and formally begin public dialogue on our cosmic future.

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.
Councillor of/for Earth, Star Nations Council

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~~Message from Archangel Michael~~

From: Star Contact

Beloved masters, many of you are wondering why you are having so much difficulty remembering the mundane, everyday ..­facts of life,..­ and why it seems to take so much effort to stay grounded in the physical reality you have created throughout your many past lifetimes.­ As you draw forth and integrate more and more Creator Light, in the process of returning to a multi-dimensional state of Being, many changes are taking place within your ..­inner reality..­ as well as in your physical world of existence.­ You are releasing many old out-moded concepts as you replace them with higher, more expansive and empowering thought forms.­ You are healing and transmuting painful memories or ..­cells of consciousness..­ from your many past lifetimes which were stored within your DNA and throughout your multiple-body system, physical, mental, emotional and etheric.­ You are endeavoring to return to your ..­Center of Power..­ which we call your ..­Sacred Heart Center,..­ and you are also struggling to release from the ..­Old Age..­ all that no longer serves the highest purpose and greater good, as you move into the grand design and refined frequencies of the ..­New Age...­ Your old world of existence is overlapping with the new reality of the future as you tap into higher and more complex dimensional fields of knowledge and awareness.­

Many of you are feeling vulnerable or are experiencing a sense of loss for no detectable reason, and are having difficulty focusing on day-to-day life situations.­ You now have a fairly good understanding of how the universal laws work and what you must do to accelerate the process of creating a desirable world of peace, plenty and harmony for yourselves and those around you.­ You feel that you have been taking all the necessary steps, and have a clear idea of what you wish to accomplish, and yet, it seems there are obstacles constantly blocking your progress.­

Know this: You all are in a time of vulnerability whereby many of you may be inclined to stray from the path, for you feel you are being misguided, or you may think that something is wrong with you and you are not worthy, or that ..­it just isn..­t working the way we have been told that it is supposed to...­ We tell you, beloveds, this is not a time for the faint of heart, and we implore you to be steadfast in your determination as you traverse the waves and cycles of change.­

We will endeavor to explain some of the phenomena that are taking place within each of you personally and within the psyche of humanity as a whole.­ We have told you that all which is not in harmony with your evolving ..­state of consciousness..­ is rising to the surface to be transmuted and healed;­ however, you still do not have a clear understanding of the complex transformational process that is occurring at every level of your Being.­ There are many levels and sub-levels of multi-dimensional existence and awareness throughout the universe, and there are also many levels of consciousness within your own brain structure.­ As we have explained before, in the past, the majority of humanity was influenced primarily by the energies/consciousness of the three lower chakras, with only a minor influence from the heart and higher centers of awareness.­ You also have multi-dimensional levels of consciousness within your brain structure, and since the ..­fall in consciousness..­ occurred thousands of years ago, the average human being has been dominated by the three lower levels of consciousness: the first dimension or foundational center with a focus on scarcity/survival and self-preservation via the instinctual nature;­ the second dimension or ..­sensation center of consciousness..­ which focuses on the desires of the ego body, sexual/passionate love and Earth- bound emotions;­ and the third dimensional level of manifestation or personal power level of expression, whereby each person must perfect his/her skills in order to become an effective cocreator on the physical plane of existence.­ Each person on Earth is a cocreator at some level, creating either scarcity, pain, suffering and the illusion of being tossed about by the whims of fate or controlled by an angry god, or those who have learned to claim their Divine birthright and know how to use the Universal Laws of Manifestation as they joyously create beauty, bounty, loving relationships and harmony within and around themselves.­ As we have often told you, the universal laws have no favorites and make no exceptions;­ they are immutable and apply to all from the lowest to the highest.­

As you lift and refine your frequency/vibrational patterns, you gain the ability to access and integrate the Light packets of wisdom stored within the higher-dimensional levels of your brain structure.­ However, you may not fully understand the rest of this complicated process of ..­evolution...­ What is occurring at every level of your existence is this: as you refine and attune to the higher-dimensional frequencies of Light, you are also eliminating/dissolving the negative, imbalanced and lower frequency patterns from the past throughout your physical, emotional and etheric bodies, and especially within your mental body and brain structure.­ Many of the mundane/lower levels of consciousness which were readily accessible to you in the past are being cleared and even shut down, for they no longer serve your highest good.­ Painful memories of the past are like bad dreams for many of you, and you no longer have a desire or a need to recall them.­ When this happens, rejoice, for you know you have healed that phase of your past.­ Trivia and inconsequential data that many of you focused on in the past may not be as readily accessible to you as you learn to tap into and store important new and more complex information.­ You will find that as you access and integrate the knowledge gained from the Light packets of wisdom stored within the higher levels of your brain, you may develop almost instant/total recall of complex data and concepts, for you are learning how to tap into your ..­genius potential...­

Another puzzling phenomenon that is occurring worldwide is the fact that no longer does the average person sleep the night through without interruption.­ A great majority of ..­evolving souls..­ report waking up several times a night, sometimes feeling as if they have been jolted back into their physical body.­ This is often the case, for you are very active in your sleep time as you learn to soar in Spirit and visit many realms and dimensions during your nightly rest periods.­ As you evolve in consciousness, you earn the ability to access the higher planes/dimensions of awareness (often called, in the ancient esoteric teachings, the causal and higher mental realms).­ You are no longer making these journeys in your physical astral body, which was created by your past thought forms and those thoughts of others that you have claimed as your own.­ One of the miracles that happens to an initiate on the path is when you attain a certain level of balanced cognizance, your astral body consciousness is reabsorbed into your golden etheric body of Light, and your vehicle of travel into the higher realms is via soul travel or in your refined Higher Self, mental body.­

You must first experience a soul-merge, whereby the ego personality becomes the servant of the soul once more (instead of the ego desire body being the director of your physical experiences).­ The next step is when your soul merges with your Higher Self which prepares the way for greater and more expansive Oversoul merges, whereby you are continually incorporating more and more of your fragmented God-Self which you left scattered throughout this universe as you wove your way deeper and deeper into the lower-dimensional creations and a vast array of experiences, both positive and negative.­ When functioning within a third/fourth-dimensional reality and you are predominately influenced by the three lower-chakra mind centers, your nightly sojourns were usually made in your astral body whereby you were constantly bombarded by the mass-consciousness frequency patterns from many ages past.­ These were confusing, distorted, disturbing and disruptive thoughts forms which you have named ..­nightmares..­ or ..­bad dreams...­ These dreams are sometimes based on fearful or very painful past life experiences through which your Higher Self is attempting to help you purge the negative thought forms from your consciousness.­ Or, if you are in the midst of an important challenge or initiation, your Higher Self may be endeavoring to give you some insight by showing you the origin of the karmic imbalance and, through your own personal symbolic language, attempt to give you the solution.­ At this level, you usually remember the episode for a very brief time upon awakening and while still in an Alpha state of awareness.­ As you return to full consciousness, the dream usually fades away unless it was very vivid and made a strong impact on your conscious mind, and then you may remember only a portion of the events that occurred in the dream.­ Many of you are now experiencing lucid dreaming, whereby you are aware you are in a dream state and, ofttimes, can even change the dream in order to create a satisfactory outcome.­ As you progress, you will also have more visions and interactions with the masters and Beings of Light;­ however, we will address this topic at a later time.­

We have told you that it is most important that you monitor your thoughts before going to sleep.­ The ..­state of mind..­ you are in determines the quality of your rest and whether it is beneficial or turbulent and disturbing.­ The sleep state was not only designed to give your body and mind a rest in order to replenish and refresh you, but to allow you an opportunity to soar freely in the higher realms of consciousness.­ When you state ..­I ask for my greatest good,..­ or ..­Thy will be done,..­ you give us permission to take you to halls of healing and temples of learning, and to infuse you with knowledge and vibrational patterns that are compatible with your current ..­State of Being...­ We have stressed over and over, how beneficial it is to project your etheric Self into your Pyramid of Light in the fifth dimension before falling asleep.­ See yourself lying on the crystal table and envision the electrifying elixir of life radiating forth from the City of Light nearest you, bathing, permeating and healing as it fills you to overflowing with Divine Light of new creation.­ As you awaken refreshed and energized, breathe deeply and envision this healing life Light radiating deep within the Earth..­s core and then breathe it out into the world around you from your Solar Heart Center.­ What a magnificent way to share your Light and begin your day.­

My valiant warriors of Light, as you become more aware and hypersensitive to the frequency patterns of change both within and around you, and as your heightened awareness increases, it is critical that you learn to be an observer and not become caught up in the maelstrom of drama and chaos that is rampant in the world.­ It requires discipline and great wisdom to ..­stay the course..­ or to remain centered and empowered when it seems as though the world around you is sinking further and further into chaos and destruction.­ We know how eager you are to attain full self-mastery;­ however, as we have often stated, faster or more is not necessarily better.­ You must be willing to allow your Higher Self and your angelic helpers to set the pace of your advancement, for we have the advantage of observing what is taking place around the world and within each of you from a higher vantage point, which enables us to interpret the outcome of forthcoming events via the strongest probable future and, occasionally, we are allowed to intervene through specific mandates from our Father/Mother God and the Lords of Light.­

Beloveds, if obstacles are continually put before you as you attempt to move forward or create something new in your life, know that it may not be quite time for your vision to become a reality Be willing to go into sanctuary (spend time in contemplation), so that your Higher Self can either inform you of what you must do in order to proceed, or possibly what must be put into place that you are not aware of before your aspirations can be fulfilled and made manifest.­ Be willing to stay in the moment, and to know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be at the present time.­ Affirm often ..­This is a perfect moment and I am centered in the power of the present...­ Beloveds, we know that your challenges are great and you feel the future is uncertain.­ Please know this: You have never been better equipped to succeed, and never before have you had such a wondrous band of en-LIGHTEN-ed Beings to support and assist you.­ Also know that the rewards awaiting you are beyond your comprehension.­ Remain steadfast, brave hearts.­ It has been decreed, ..­You cannot and will not fail...­ I enfold you in my auric field of love and protection.­

I AM Archangel Michael.­
Direct Message from Asheoma te ka Meata, of Star Nations

Friends and Star Kids,

The following is a direct message to you from a member of Star Nations High Council who most recently served as a Watcher (observer-reporter) on Earth to Star Nations.­ His sage advice derives from bitter experience watching his own planet fail its Transition, and he wants us to make it through our Transition now happening on Earth.­
- Richard Boylan, Ph.­D.­


Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata:

Light Warriors,

It has been a small amount of time since I have spoken with you.­ It is my heart's desire that each of you is met in health and wellness of heart, mind, and body.­ If in any of these you lack, know the love of the Star Nations is with you in fullness.­

My heart wishes to speak with you on a tender subject.­ I will speak with the holding of the Eagle's Feather on this as was done while I served your Home Earth as a Watcher.­

In the days before the time of my service with Star Nations, the world I called home was unfound.­ By the time the Star Nations located our small Planet, the movement towards a collapsing sun had already begun.­ While we were taught many things and given instruction and advisement, our people were unable to make our transition.­ The transition would not have prevented the natural process of the one of two Sun Beings.­ But the transition would have allowed our species to move forward inside the Grand Dream of Source to further service and into our next level of Being.­ It is known to you that the transition failed.­

The reasons for this failure are many.­ And the lessons of the failure have been with me in the form of lessons carried to many other worlds in service.­

As I continue to observe my own brothers and sisters who call themselves Humans, I am aware of patterns which require me to share words of warning.­ While few might hear my words, and with some fewer the words might go further than the ears, it is my obligation to share them.­

Your species are beginning to awaken to the understanding that your own transition is upon you at this time.­ You have started to look around and you are identifying those who are your own kind who have not acted in the interest of your whole species.­ Your first instinct is to bring them to a swift justice.­ This is fair and understandable.­ My words on this will be to use also the Law of Love with these items.­ For those who are repentant, allow forgiveness to come in totality.­ The one who has sinned and is truly sorry for the crimes committed will be the strongest to stand next for the rights of others.­ This is not to say they should not work to set right their actions.­ In truth, those who are in their hearts repentant will be those who will insist on making corrections as they are able.­

Next, I will share that a serious error with my species was with the division of those attempting to serve and bring us through the transition.­ But each group had its own leader, and each leader had an idea.­ Some groups would talk with other groups.­ Some groups would not talk with any group.­ I will tell you that each group help a part of the whole answer.­ But without the groups able to share and learn the truth of this, there was no chance of our species being able to move forward as a WHOLE through our transition.­

Humans are now at this same point.­

Do not allow the Ego inside your Beingness to override the Wisdom and Light of your Spirit.­ You are all together one species in all truth.­ Even with the need of the Star Nations to set aside for our service to you those who are Ego from those in Awareness, you are one flesh and one blood.­ The transition will be or will not be for all Humans.­

Learn to better work with those who are attempting to serve all.­ You now understand in your hearts the clarity between those who serve their own Ego and those who walk in the Awareness of Source.­ Use this as your benchmark for communication.­ Learn to listen outside the labels set upon you by the requirement of Human language.­ When one says to you "­Last night a Gray visited me and showed me love."­ Do not judge with your heart "­They are wrong because it was Zeta and not Gray."­ At this time of Human transition, there is no energy extra to spend on small matters such as a simple word or phrase.­ However, if one says "­Last night a Zeta came to me and it hurt me."­ You will know what is wrong.­ You can then use your understanding to rightly work for your transition and say "­I know Zeta.­ or you can say "­I know one who was taught by Zeta, and Zeta do not do what you have said.­ The truth of this is that Ego Humans are working pretending to be Zeta and will hurt other Humans for their own agenda."­ Are you able to see the difference here?

Again, work in love and compassion with all others in all communications.­ Do not divide yourselves further apart.­ You must come together through understanding of your situation at hand.­ After you have moved into your Fifth World, that will be your time for establishment of universal Human protocol if that is still desired.­

Finally, I ask of you to hold compassion for the leaders of your Light Groups.­ Do not be so ready to take offense if a thing is said which hurts your Ego for a short time.­ Please understand that this was also a point of failure for my own people.­ Your leaders are the same as you in many ways.­ They are brave to put their energy on the front line of these great battles.­ They are the first to take direct hits from the Ego Humans who hide their own leaders behind armies of weaker Humans who are used in slavery.­

If you desire to serve your leaders, offer your own energy to shield them from your heart.­ They will not ask for this because they are not as the Ego Humans.­ But this is a thing you can do with your own freedom of will and the energy Source has given you.­ Your leaders are strong and they have been taught how to use gifted energy in the right manner for this transition.­

When your leaders are weary from the battle, give to them the fullness of understanding and compassion.­ If a word is spoken by a leader who is in battle and that word is taken as being harsh against you, you must be wise to understand the entire situation.­ If someone is pulling a child from a burning building and you stop to ask them what time it is, do you expect them to look at their watch with a smile and answer you?

Humans have the skills and the wisdom to make it through this time.­ Do not allow the Ego to take from you the future you are creating.­ It is seen with each report to the Council by Zeta that your success is closer and more obtainable.­ This is not said with simple words.­ Understand that I speak to you as a Watcher who was shown a Planet Earth that was to fail.­ And now I am shown a species called Human who now have their future again in their own hands.­ Do not throw away your chance for any comfort of ego.­

In service to Star Nations,
Councillor Asheoma te ka Meata
Star Nations Move To "­Plan C"­

Friends and Star Kids,

As you are undoubtedly aware, over the last couple months an effort was made by Mario Sasso to reintegrate with the star person identity of a previous incarnation (Talessian), and then use that star person consciousness to fly a starcraft low over several cities to force an end to the UFO Cover-Up.­
While Mario made considerable and protracted effort, he was hampered by among other things relentless Cabal attacks to distract, deenergize and deflect him.­ Last week Mario broke off his efforts, exhausted.­
Over the weekend I had an opportunity to consult with a member of Star Nations Council, Councillor For the Watchers, about what Star Nations was prepared to do, given these circumstances.­
When I asked Councillor For the Watchers what would happen now that "­Plan A"­ was not successful, he said that Mario Sasso was actually "­Plan B".­ (He did not identify Plan A.­) Councillor further said that Star Nations had a variety of options in its contingency planning, as he put it, "­We have Plans B through Z".­
The salient news is that Star Nations is ready to move on "­Plan C".­ Because of the learning experiences accumulated with Mario's attempt, Plan C will be done somewhat differently, and with considerably greater security precautions.­
The identity of the Star Person incarnated as a Human designated to undertake Plan C is being kept confidential from the public.­ This "­Plan C"­ Human's identity is , I believe, currently known only to himself, one other Human, and myself.­ (Do not waste electrons asking.­)
There will be no press releases far in advance of starcraft public operations.­ The impression I have been given is that the cards will be held close to the vest until virtually the time that the public demonstration flight(s) take place.­
Because of the differences between the previous effort and the new effort, it is anticipated that the Human involved will be able to be successful in less time than consumed in the previous effort.­
I recommend that you send this Human your prayers and supportive light, that he may find his path with surefootedness and achieve success for all of us.­

in the light,

Richard Boylan, Ph.­D.­
The Message of the New Children

A Message of the Heart

by Celia Fenn

The New Children, the Indigos and the Crystals, have come to the Planet to be your children.­ But they have come with a specific purpose, to help the Planet with its Evolution through the process known as Ascension.­ So while you may enjoy them and experience them as part of your family and your community, they have a Higher Spiritual purpose.­ That purpose will be the focus of this talk.­

As individuals, the Indigo and Crystal children have many advanced gifts and talents.­ Often they are highly intelligent, creative and psychic.­ They can see and communicate with guides and angels, and they feel at home equally in the world of Spirit and of Matter.­ But, it is as a GROUP that their energy and their message is important.­ It is as a group that they are working on the Planet to bring in and ground a new kind of energy.­

That energy is the Crystal, or "­Christed"­ energy, that represents the level of "­Christ Consciousness".­ And the message of the New Children is a Message of the Heart.­ As a group they are working to help humanity to open its Collective Heart Chakra and embrace the new energy.­ In order for humanity to be able to lift their consciousness up to the level required to birth a New Society and a New Earth, a powerful "­push"­ was needed.­ And the New Children have provided that "­push".­ By working with humanity to assist them to open their heart chakras and to begin to work from the heart, the New Children are enabling the process known as Ascension.­ They are the engine and the power of Ascension, and their message is awakening humanity and pushing them forward.­ The New Children are the Masters of Ascension.­

Their work is to create a new society based on Love and Empowerment.­ It is a society that exists beyond duality, in the realm of "­Oneness".­ It is a group project by children around the Planet, and it is serving to bring together and unite the human family in the concept of a New Society or a Golden Age for the Planet.­

The Human Past...­the Crystal Human Future
In the last part of the twentieth century, humans had programmed themselves and the planet for destruction.­ There were many prophecies and stories and beliefs that had set the "­end times"­ in the last years of the twentieth century.­ If humans had been left to their own devices, they probably would have created an "­end"­ by now.­ But, there were many on the Planet who were ready to grow and were more interested in the Golden Age that had also been foretold in prophecy.­ And so, the Spirit Realm listened, and the Indigo and Crystal children were called in from around the Galaxy, and from planet Earth, to help with this process.­ Brave and beautiful souls, advanced souls, master level souls....­ whose work would be to break through the old systems that had become entrenched and stagnant, and then to raise consciousness very rapidly so that humans could enter into a Fifth Dimensional Earth and be able to function as Multi-Dimensional Human Masters or Angels.­ We are in that process of rapid consciousness shift right now.­ We call it Ascension.­

The crisis on the Planet was widespread in the last years of the twentieth century.­ The systems that had been set up by humans to create a stable society had become stagnant and represseive.­ Systems such as economics, health, law and education, were no longer serving the communities and the people that they were originally designed to serve.­ They had become self-serving and self-fuelling systems that were destructive and oppressive.­

Humanity, in general, had lost the spiritual dimension of life, and was focussed on the lower chakra areas of money, sex and power as the meaning of life.­ Conspicuous consumption had become the goal of life in the developed world, and those beliefs and concepts were spreading around the planet very rapidly, producing a society based on greed and materialism.­

At this point, in the 1970s and1980s, many of the Lightworkers who were already working for the Great Shift, or Ascension, asked for help, and their prayers were heard.­ The Indigo children were sent to start the process of rapid consciousness raising.­ By 1987 there were enough of them, and enough progress had been made to allow the "­Harmonic Convergence"­ event, in which the process of activating and aligning the New Crystalline Grids for the New Planet and the New Humans was initiated.­ This process was only completed in the last years of the 1990s, when the first Crystal children began to arrive to work with the New Grid system.­

At that time the "­end scenario"­ was cancelled from the Human Collective Consciousness, and the New Earth began to be built on the Crystal Foundations that had been laid.­ A new kind of Human began to emerge, the Indigo-Crystal Human, or the Human Angel.­ A being that was aligned with the Higher Dimensions and the Physical Dimensions.­ A being who was psychic, spiritual, connected to the Angelic Realm, and yet happy to be in human form and to be working towards creating "­heaven on earth"­ on the Planet.­

The Coming of the New Children...­The Indigo Crystal Timeline
The first Indigo beings began to come to the planet in the 1940s.­ The war known as the "­Second World War"­ had cleansed a great deal of negativity from the planet, and had allowed for the first advanced beings to begin to incarnate in physical form.­ It was at this point, that the decision was taken in the Higher Dimensions that the Earth would continue, and that the new Golden Age would manifest.­

In the 1940s and 1950s and 1960s, the "­leaders"­ of the New Earth, the first "­New Children"­ were born.­ They were born all around the planet, and their mission was to begin the process of questioning and challenging.­ And, in this time, many of these early Indigos are serving as leaders and facilitators for the shift of consciounsess that is part of the Ascension and Transition process.­

These Early Indigos paved the way for the first "­wave"­ of Indigos, what we might call a "­mass landing".­ In the 1970s, a huge wave of Indigo souls took incarnation around the Planet, and began to "­crank up"­ the energy on the planet.­ As each new Indigo or Crystal is born, the level of consciousness in the Collective is auotmatically raised.­ When large numbers of them incarnate together, the Collective is raised at an accelerated pace.­ The rapid advances in technology in the last 30 years can be seen as a gift from the Indigos, whose advanced consciousness propelled the human species into accelerated development, on this and many other levels of human endeavour.­

This first wave of Indigos are now reaching adulthood, and are entering their late twenties and thirties.­ They are poised to enter the mainstream of community life and begin making a real difference there as well.­

In the 1980s, the second wave of Indigos incarnated.­ Again, another wave of advanced consciousness, and, as mentioned earlier, in 1987 this energy helped to allow for the Harmonic Covergence event where the New Grid System for the New Earth was inaugurated and the activations of this grid system began.­

In the 1990s, Indigos continued to incarnate, but by now there was a new kind of child arriving.­ The first Crystal children began to arrive in the late 1990s.­ By then the Earth's new Crystal Grid system was sufficiently "­online"­ to allow for these advanced children to begin to incarnate.­ What is important to understand about these children, is that they are grounded into the New Grid system.­ They are the impetus in their families amd their communities, for people to make the shift from the Old Grid System to the New.­ Eventually, all beings will be born into the New Grid System, and the old one will fall away.­ Then the New Earth will be fully anchored!

In 2003, there was an event known as "­Harmonic Concordance"­, in which adult humans and Lightworkers began to align with the New Grids in large numbers, and to become Crystal adults, or Christed Adults or Human Angels.­ This required a rapid transition from one Grid to the Other, and for some it was quite traumatic and difficult as they found their "­feet"­ in the new energies.­ These new energies are strong and powerful, and they absolutely require that the Heart Chakra be open.­ For the New Crystal Grids align with the Heart Chakra, and not the lower chakras which maintained the Old Grid.­

And so, with the coming online of the New Grids, we as humans, are given the choice by our children, to make that shift.­ And in this period between November 2005 and January 2006, many will choose to make that shift to the New Grids.­ It is an exciting time.­ It is a time of the Heart!

The Indigos and their Message to Planet Earth
The Indigo Children were termed such because their "­soul"­ vibration was at a higher level of consciousness that resonated with the Indigo color of the Brow Chakra.­ As they incarnated on the Earth, the Indigos manifested certain traits and qualities.­

They were primarily right-brain oriented beings, they were artistic, creative and intuitive, and they were spiritual by nature.­ They loved activities such as meditation and yoga and working with crystals.­ In general they were honest and open, and integrity was very important to them.­ Their friends were very important to them, and as they got older they tended to form into groups, which were a mirror image of the concpet of the "­soul group"­ or clan.­ For Indigos and Crystals are group beings, and they enjoying being part of a group.­

Their message and their mission was to show their society that they had become locked into systems that were no longer supportive of human growth.­ And they did this by demonstrating in a very personal way, how damaging these systems had become.­

Their first message was a social and community message to their familes.­ They refused to accept the control and power structures of the typical nuclear family where dad was boss and everyone did what they were told.­ In fact they refused to accept domination and control in any form.­ Many families were shattered as Indigos held up the mirror which showed the ugly and destructive side of traditional nuclear family life.­ Gradually, society has began to understand that the only way to work with the Indigo energy is from the Heart.­ The Indigos taught their parents about negotiation, discussion, honesty, openess and sharing.­ They taught their parents about respect: respect for each other and for each person in the family, and their individual emotional and physical needs.­

What emerged from this confrontation between the Old Energy and the New Indigo Energy, was a New Parenting Paradigm.­ The parent and the child were seen as partners or in partnership.­ The relationship was to be based on Love and Personal Growth for all.­ Parenting was to be a Heart Chakra Activity based in Love, and not a Solar Plexus activity of control and power.­

In the realm of Education, the same crisis emerged as the Indigos moved into the School systems in large numbers.­ Indigos are highly intelligent and intutive.­ They think very fast and they learn very fast.­ They thrive in a free and open environment, and do not do well in closed and controlled environemnts.­ It was inevitable that they would find the school system slow, boring, frustrating and inadequate to their needs.­ They began to be "­diagnosed"­ as ADD and ADHD by mainstream medicine, and turned into "­problems"­ that needed to be "­fixed"­, usually with drugs.­

Those that could not be "­fixed"­ or controlled, became rebellious and manifested self-destructive behavior patterns using drugs, alcohol and violence.­ But they get the message across that there is something very wrong with an education system based in "­head knowledge"­ that has very little real connection to life.­ In fact, the very way the system was set up and run was a problem for these beings, whose energy and intelligence far outstripped the confines on the system.­ Our society is still in the beginning stages of finding a way to educate these children that will meet their needs and be based in the Heart as well as the Head.­

In the field of Health and Medicine, these children have also challenged our way of thinking.­ The drugs that are used to treat ADD and ADHD often do not work, and do not heal but only suppress the symptoms.­ Many parents do not feel happy giving their children anti-depressants and other psychtropic drugs at such an early age.­ The side effects are generally unknown at this stage.­

At any rate, these children have often been the motivation for their parents to seek alternative and more natural and gentle ways of coping with the so-called "­problems"­ of their high-energy child.­ These include a more natural diet based in organic foods, and eliminating all sugars and processed foods from the child's diet.­

This process has empowered parents and individuals to make their own choices and decisions, and not to be dictated to by a medical system that is dominated by the profit-seeking of the pharmaceutical industry.­

Indeed, the Indigos have helped to precipitate a great shift in thinking not only about how parenting is conducted, but how we live and what we want from our society.­ And this is all part of the Great Shift that they Indigos are here to intiate.­ It is a shift from systems based in the cold logic of the Head, to a society based on the flow and nurturing of the Heart!

Children of the Heart : The Crystals
Around 1998, the first true Crystal or "­Christed"­ children began to incarnate.­ This was because, as mentioned earlier, the New Grid system on the Planet could now support these clear and powerful beings.­ Each Crystal Child that is born is born into the New Earth Grid system, and has the potential to be a fully awakened and conscious Master at the level of the Christ Consciousness.­ They are Spiritual Masters in their own right.­

Their Auras are very clear and strong, and they can carry all the Rays of the New Earth energy activations - the Gold, Magenta-Pink, Aquamarine,Silver-Indigo and Orange-Pink Rays.­ Some earlier Crystals came in on just the Gold or the Magenta Rays, to help to stabilize these.­ But the later Crystals have been born with the ability to hold and run all the different Rays as needed, and these children are called "­Rainbow Crystal"­ children.­

The Crystal Beings are wonderful children indeed! They generally have large clear eyes that seem to look into your soul, for that indeed is what they do! They are often calm are focussed, but they can become hyperactive when their energy is out of alignment.­ They are very Loving and Nurturing, and enjoy sharing their energies with others who might have need of them.­ They are powerful, and often have no fear at all.­ They can be very sensitive to food and to the environment, as they are born with the clear systems needed for the New Earth.­

They are Clairvoyant and psychic, they see angels and spirit guides, and they can often feel and see the future.­ They know about past lives, and can often talk about who they were in past lives.­

They are also very connected as a Group, and much of their work for the Planet is done on the levels of the Higher Consciousness as a group.­ This is one reason why Crystal children are sometimes tired and irritable and grumpy.­ They have often been working very hard on the Higher Levels to help to hold the energies for the Ascension process.­

The rise in the number of Autistic children on the planet is also related to this process.­ Autistic children have chosen to hold their energy at a Higher Dimensional level, and as such they help to hold the energy portals in the Higher Dimensions until enough "­ordinary"­ humans have ascended to that level and are able to do that work while still in physical incarnation.­

Their Gift to Us : Moving into our Hearts and Upgrading our Energy Systems for the New Earth
The gift of the New Children to the Planet is significant.­

The Indigos are allowing us to break through and out of restrictive and repressive systems of thought and belief based on control and power.­ They are helping us to replace these with a new energy based on love and acceptance and peace.­

The Crystals are helping us to claim our power and our Heartspace, and to anchor ourselves firmly in the New Grid.­ They are teaching us to accept our spiritual gifts as our birthright, and to see the creation of miracles as a normal activity.­

They are teaching us to honor ourselves and our Planet.­ To see the beauty and the wonder and the joy of all Creation.­ And to know that we are all Co-Creators in this wonderful project called "­New Earth".­

We are learning to live as they do, in the present moment, not influenced by past or future.­We are learning to live from the Heart, to forgive and exercise tolerance and unconditional acceptance.­

We are learning to create through Intention and Focus, and we are learning that the true meaning of Abundance is not individual greed but collective need and sharing.­ We are learning the importance of support and love and self-worth.­

And finally, we are learning about the Higher Reality of Soul Families and Angelic Clans....­the future social units of the New Earth.­

It is a blessed path, and the New Children are showing the way!