[Eppo Records Forum] New Speedcore Community

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Hey all,
I made a board for Eppo Records.
It's a place to talk about speedcore and anything else.


Check it out and register to the board,
if you wonna help us to get the board active :)

i was already in (Y)
maar kvind het niet overzichtelijk ik moet wel moeite doen om iets te vinde haha is nog wenne he
Uitspraak van speedcore_whore op zaterdag 12 mei 2007 om 16:14:
im there and im the only biaaatch so sort it out ladies

Giulia also ;)

Welcome to the flock btw :D
laatste aanpassing
thanks... i can't believe i went on the wrong one...!!!! :)
yes... eppo forum is gettin lively now.... come on people ... join up if ur not already!!!!!! ;)
Also join
laatste aanpassing
Uitspraak van JanTerror op woensdag 16 mei 2007 om 22:55:
Also join aanpassing 16 mei 2007 22:56

indeed my friend... well done;)
38 members now,
total posts 672

it's starting to get active! :D