[EPPO002] VA - Speedcore Injection

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Name: Speedcore Injection
Label: Eppo Records
Released: April 2007
Format: File, MP3
Cat#: EPPO002
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A1. Lawrencium - Let's Crap Into Pussy
A2. Egnal Ramd & MC Shithead - Until She Rots
A3. Twid Da Phreekazoid - Brainwashing Music
B1. Dr. Eppo & Menavodi - 1666.9 WideScream
B2. Dr. Eppo & Menavodi - Not For Children

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Hope you guys like it! ;)
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is downloading now
fucking nice :jaja:
Uitspraak van Sanoicia op donderdag 26 april 2007 om 13:54:
You listen 5 tracks in 3 minutes?

hehe :P
and remember all to check the forum http://z4.­invisionfree.­com/Eppo_­Records
i had to rush , i put a song up and click forward so yeah i heard it in 3 kinutes haha
Twid Da Phreekazoid - Brainwashing Music, Sounds good!

Some nice qlimax moments in the track :)
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yeh nice one, but i don't really like the lyrics..
but i nice track indeed

maybe a tip for the next releases, make sure that the volume of the tracks are on the same level.
for instance lawrencium's is way louder than of dr. eppo & menavodi


it's a nice release what you guys did, even i don't dig the ''extratonic'' kind of tracks much..(y)(y)
eppo &­ menna are mastered @­ -3db
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I'm wondering what MC Shithead did in track 2, all the vocals in that track are from other movies/tracks, if I ain't mistaking....­
What movies?
EPPO003 coming up ;)