Which song are you listening?

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Which song do you hear at the moment?
Prussian Blue - Road to Valhalla
Nordfront - Ohne dich
Uitspraak van Dj Sosa op woensdag 9 mei 2007 om 11:45:
notting realy i'm at skool now but i have that song in my head wich i dont know the name of it can u help me its something like this.­

all you party fuckers get your ass on the f*­cking floor its all about the game is some damm hardcore.­

please pm me if you know that song.­

i all ready know that song its angerfist v.s outblast on defcon.1
Angry Aryans, Landser, Bound for Glory &­ People Haters - Jägermeistered
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Razorblade - Hard als staal
USK - As Vivid As Possible (Sabrepulse remix)

Dropkick Murphys - Barroom Hero
Quarta330 - Starfruit

8 bit/dubstep :lief:
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Dropkick Murphys - The Warriors Code
Saitone - Combination


Discipline - Everywhere we go
P(roces) K(abaal)003 - In The Pudding
Böhse Onkelz - Lieber stehend sterben
Guus Meeuwis - Toen ik je zag
Party animals - Have you ever been mellow :-D mooie oude song
Bähse Onkelz - Bin ich nur glücklich wenn es schmerzt
Sabrepulse - Amazing Scenes 8bc
angerfist - raise your fist
Gabba front Berlin - 30 Stunden Schmerzen
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Uitspraak van La.Vida.Loca(k) op woensdag 11 juli 2007 om 16:07:
Bähse Onkelz

Böhse Onkelz dus!! :9
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oh haha natuurlijk bedoelde ik BÖHSE :respect: haha (6)
Böhse Onkelz - Kneipenterroristen :bier:
Gabba Front Berlin - Cold War ...­einfach nur geil
Hollands Hakkuh - R.I.S.P - Tieten van Rotterdam :cheer: :cheer:
Dj Rob & Mc Joe - Da beat is flown SMILEYSTART#­54SMILEYSEPOndvZXB0aWVkb2U6SMILEYEND
Venetian Snares - Integraation
Promo- Pressure on the fakes :cheer:
Endymion/The Viper - How lomg
Frenchcoremix van Radium :bounce:
een leuk hardcore liedje, geen idee hoe die heet :P