Defqon 2007

Flockonderwerp · 43980
Area 7: Silver - industrial

Armageddon Project
Bryan Fury
Manu Le Malin

The DJ Producer
Live: N-Vitral
Live: Synapse
Live: The Kotzaak Klan
Live: Waldhaus
Live: Weichentechnikk

MC: Dart

To see whole line up check here:

I know, its not really a speedcore party and some pink dudes will join this party too, but still the line up from this area isnt bad. As a lot of my friends are going to this party i will go too :) Do more people from this flock visit this one?
I'm probably going ;)
is not going i am in spain the next month so i have to save money :) still that stupid reason zucht*
I can be found there for shure :bounce:
Last year was one of the best party's of that year...
Damn sold out in 90 minutes :O

Didn't know anything about a sale time so no defqon for me i'm affraid..

How about you Eppo & Pim?
sold out for sure ? wow i think they will lay back some tickets :)
It's gonna be ground zero this summer
Hmmz must be a very special line up will i go there..Groningen...other side of the world :P
Uitspraak van Sanoicia op donderdag 19 april 2007 om 10:13:
Hmmz must be a very special line up will i go there..­Groningen...­other side of the world

Yeah true, but it sounds pretty cool.

sun, beach, beer and breakcore (Y)
Uitspraak van [023] PimRitsel op donderdag 19 april 2007 om 23:05:
I'm going to Defqon and Ground zero and Dominator

ahahah cool and no other party ??? :D :D :D

ground zero iis really cool and that area of defqon is :k :k I've never seen a kotzaak klan live :cry: