Eppo Records Discussion

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Talk about Eppo Records here ;)
Also ideas, comments and critic is welcome.
eppo records is hard:D
Me and Menavodi are working very hard on the next release :)
menovadi has he got pf
Yes, but a different nickname.­
Uitspraak van Wils op woensdag 11 april 2007 om 18:48:
menovadi has he got pf

Yea, his partyflock is 'Daffy Fuck'
ow, that's me :rot:

good news, maybe tonight "1666.9 WideScream" online :p:p:p
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Check out our website frequently for new releases,

Upcoming releases will include tracks of:
-Dr.­ Eppo
-Egnal Ramd
-Kurwastyle Project

-Dr.­ Eppo &­ Menavodi (together)

&­ More!
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Uitspraak van Dr. Eppo op vrijdag 13 april 2007 om 00:25:
-Dr.­ Eppo &­ Menavodi (together)

Wat houdt dit in Rick er staat nog nix over op de site maar hun zijn fokking goeie producers dat wel!
New release coming up! (probably this week) :D
:cheer: :bounce: :D:D
Tomorrow eppo002 probably
are there new releases coming soon?
Yeah we need 1 track more for the next releases, but we are having problems with the track. But soon it will be released ;)
ok mate :) make me stunned haha