GGM Raw Radio - Tue April 3rd - Mutante/Rigamortis/Smurf

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Artiest Smurf
22:00 - 00:00 GMT

To coincide with the release of GGMRAW Records 001 we have 3 of the artists from the EP ..........­

MUTANTE (Psychik Genocide, CSR, Cosmic Baby - Canada) - 30 minute DJ set
Rising star Mutante has taken the world by storm with a different slant on the traditional 'Frenchcore' sound.­ Last year's HXC Booty was the GGM's most played and favourite track !

RIGAMORTIS (GGM - Newcastle) - 60 minute live set
The GGM's newest superstar set for big things this year.­ Fun filled samples with a positive vibe !

SMURF - 30 minute set
Beer monster

Set your dial to - http://www.­GeordieGabbaMafia.­org
I think I'm gonna listen to that:D
nice !