The amazed flock

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This flock is the same like the frustration flock, only this time you type the stuff that amazed you today or something hehe
Today I walked out f the bus to go to my work and this girl jumped out of the buss in front of me and started puking, it was amazing heheheh
well i was in the bus and the bus almost make a big accedent but it didn't happen b) amazing gheghe
i was at school and the teacher felt in the doorway with his head on the floor...
was very f*cking amazing:devil:
Uitspraak van JanTerror op maandag 2 april 2007 om 18:53:
i was at school and the teacher felt in the doorway with his head on the floor...­
was very f*­cking amazing

ahahahah :roflol: ... nothing amazing today for me :-(
Since yesterday I have a boyfriend and for me that's amazing :P Especcialy because he is 12 years older then me...
today i felt from my bycicle does that count to??:P
yeaahhhh man!!!:O
what happend to you this day psyclown??
was pretty booring today, drove around and delivering some orders on for work, and nothing cool happend:/
i saw good damn nice chiks , and i maybe will get a number from a cute one;p
is that so amazing??
Uitspraak van JanTerror op woensdag 4 april 2007 om 15:59:
is that so amazing??

no but there is not much amazing in my days gheghe owyeah i fart alot and the farts dont stink today ;p amazing hey :O

we are... we are... of niet dennis:devil:
the youth of the nation gehghe

blood guts core violence

the youth of the nation
it was hot ! we all know that :D
and the girls too right ??!! amazzziiing