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Dit is een topic over hardcore in Italië.­
Ik heb een vriendin uit Italië gevraagd ons hier wat meer uitleg over te geven en ons up to date te houden over feestjes in Italië.­
Omdat ze geen vlaams spreekt gelieve deze topic in het engels te houden.­
Alvast bedankt!
This is a topic about hardcore in Italy.­
I ask a friend from Italy to give us some information about hardcore in Italy and keep us up to date about hardcorepartys in Italy!
Because she doesn't speak flemish we keep this topic in English.­
hoe zouden die smaken dan? naar pizza met looksaus? :lol:
we krijgen geen antwoord :p
zen die zo goe dan :p
babyboom say's when we go to a Italian party because he say that tere are some beautifful girls like you Giuly°°O­verkill°° there...

Babyboom likes hardcore en girls :p
ahahah yeah ok but I don't know why I can't trust u :lol:
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Uitspraak van °°Giuly°°Overkill°° op dinsdag 24 april 2007 om 00:14:
ahahah yeah ok but I don't know why I can't trust u

Haha just joking ;)

(sorry by my english is not so good, but i try)

But i have a few qeustions Giuly fot you because i'm intrested in a party in italy and i think a few other persons to.

which parties can you recommend us to attend in italy? we have to be able to reach them easily within a 50km radius of an airport, since we're planning to come by plane which is a lot faster than coming by bus or something like that. we would like to stay from friday till monday because we would like to see more of your beautiful country than just parties. so you could be our guide then :P and if you have nice party propositions, could you recommend us a nice hotel in that area please? thanks in advance
And babyboom come with us :yes: :p
kweet nog ni wanneer
en prijs en etc :p
en k heb in de toekomst mss rekening te houden me iemand :p
Hey man nu niet terugtrekken he...­

we zullen daarvoor wel eens samenzitten kwa datum en prijs enzo
k zie da volkome zitte ;p
laatste aanpassing
dan ist goed ;) zijn er nog wel een paar die het zien zitte
some other question?????? :lol:

well the next good party here is the masters of hardcore in italy here u can find the line up at the end of the page (anyway I'll tell every time I find a good party here... this party is on friday the first of june.. the problem is that on that period I'm not in italy but I can help u in any case .. the second problem is that we don't have location near the airport ..for exemple this party is more or less 60 km from the airport of Bergamo (if u arrive at this airport) than u have to take the train till Brescia and from Brescia till the location there is a bus organise by the staff of the party...and if u want to visit somethinng u can go to milan or to Verona this last is really nice ..
Uitspraak van °°Giuly°°Overkill°° op donderdag 26 april 2007 om 19:28:
some other question??????

Yes are there any party's on a other date because we have here then 2 partys on that date... i go to i hate trance then the 2 of june. and alle the others go to a other party in Belgium.

Maybe we come in the summer but we must first come thogheter with the people that will come to italy about when we come and the price and stuff.

And milan is not so nice.. i have bin there 2 years aggo with the football game Ac Milan - Fc Brugge 0-1 :respect: :cheer:

Thank you for the respons (k)
Uitspraak van - Donar - op donderdag 26 april 2007 om 19:38:
i go to i hate trance then the 2 of june

me too...

at the moment no good party here on other date ... but for sure there will be something on july I think... I know that milan is not so great and I don't like it I've seen it too many times ... but was the big city more near to that party ... I'll check something else anyway if u want to come during the summer is better to find a place near the sea ..there is much more fun and people...
Uitspraak van °°Giuly°°Overkill°° op donderdag 26 april 2007 om 20:28:
me too...­

ow then i see you there

Uitspraak van °°Giuly°°Overkill°° op donderdag 26 april 2007 om 20:28:
I'll check something else anyway if u want to come during the summer is better to find a place near the sea ..­there is much more fun and people...­

Ok thats good for me :) thx
ik dacht dat dit in het engels moest geschreven worden hier :p
Been posted allready by Giuly :P
also a little bit soon.. :s
Uitspraak van ßåߥßøøM op maandag 30 april 2007 om 21:47:

nice party but i cant go in june...
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loooks very very nice
but thats a very bad date..
and I noticed the hours?
from 17.00 till 05.00? weird hours :P
eheheh we are weird... :lol:

why do u find so strange that hours?
anyway is a nice party and the location is good... is also organise pretty well (strange for an italian party ehehe) :-)
17.00 it starts
most people here come around 00.00
so 05.00 is also a early hour to stop :P
its just juli is full of big good partys here :'(
Artiest Bazz-x
My mother is from near Brescia.
Know the scene over there quiet some yeqrs (Club nr. 1 con DJ Lancinhouse & il resto).
Italians have a good taste but they just need to have a bit more of the gabberfeeling & instead of looking aggresive on the street towards another gabber they should better smile once to make positive contact.
Had the case last year that was ignored, but on the other side I would have given my site to download a lot of hardcore. :p