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Check this out,
If you would have the chance to go back in time ones ,what would you change in your past?
:S:S:S.... i think nothing ...:devil:

but can i think about it :devil: :[
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euuh dont make out with my ex girfriend ( not joelle but martine gehghe she had nice tits ) hmmz and not using drugs i guess owyeah and do my best at school :)
mmmh I don't know if I have something to change on my past ... till now I don't have regret .. but probably I would not engaged with my ex boyfriend :S :S
I know a couple mistakes I would change for sure or do it a bit diffrent:yes:, and I would go back to some cool moments to relive them again hehehe
Iff I Could Go Back In Time And Change Somthing I Would Change The Day I Created My PF Profile :-p
i think i would go back to the beginning of this schoolyear..­
so i could do my best at school..­
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:D... with all the things i know now...
the knowledge of life i have ....

i want to go bak to the year i went to highschool...:D:D
its was a great time but i know ... i certainly fuck more girls now... and all the things in my life i have been throught....
i will do it all again... even the time i was in ... :devil:
and i had killed my ex for sure:devil: i know now she was worth doing time after i ripped her eyes out of het skull and burried the bitch in the woods near Psy :devil:
ghegheghe hahah :P
Uitspraak van † Gabberdoom † op donderdag 8 maart 2007 om 08:28:
eyes out of het skull and burried the bitch in the woods near Psy

So tha is the girl I found in the forrest ,and made out with:O
She was all cold and stuff
hahahha yeah
She is gohn now:O
I think they found her ,even her head was gohn:O
yeah if I would go out with her I had to put the head on a other plate on the table soo I can look into her eyes..and talk romantic stuff to her while picking up her lifeless body from the ground ,because its keep falling of the chair:@ ghehe
But she is gohn now ,I think they found her:O
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Lets go ontopic again(6)

I was saying earlyer that I wanted to change some stuff in the past but I think I won't change anything in the past ,I think the mistakes you make learn you to do stuff otherwise in the future and stuff
yes you will learn :P and i have to learn something from tara b)
i getting my mask man gheghe

well i would probably drinking less drugs isnt good so is alcohol gheghe but what the fuck there is no timemachine :/ i will make one right now
yeah thats why the flock says "If you would have a timemachine";P, now lets go ontopic again ,what would you change/do diffrent in the past?
Uitspraak van Wils op maandag 12 maart 2007 om 10:10:
well i would probably drinking less drugs isnt good so is alcohol gheghe
ghegheghe lets go back in time and go on topic again b)
Right now I would go back in time for 6 weeks:O
that would rule!
So much Cool stuff happend next to some crappy situations!
I want to see that bird fly agains my dads barn again ,that was the most exiting thing that ever happend in my life