A little about party's in the UK

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A lot of people have asked me what the party's are like in the UK ...­

Here's a little history ....­

In 1988, illegal warehouse party's started all around the UK.­ Every weekend 1000's of people would go to empty warehouse's for party's.­

Around 1990 the Police had stopped most of them, so these 'raves' tried to become legal.­ The first allnight party's started and in the early 90's the music was mostly UK breakbeat -

Bands like: Prodigy, SL2, N-joi, Shades of Rhythm, Dream Frequency, Altern 8 etc

DJ's: Carl Cox, Slipmatt, Fabio &­ Grooverider, DJ Sy and more.­

There were only a few DJ's that didnt play breakbeat at UK party's - CJ Bolland, Joey Beltram, Dave Angel, Lenny Dee.­

The party's were huge, up to 25,000 people and the party's were made better by good quality XTC.­

In the middle of the 90's, the Rotterdam sound (or gabba as we called it) became very popular in the North of England, Wales and Scotland and there became a divide between the happy hardcore people and the gabba people, so smaller gabba party's started.­

Towards the late 90's a lot of party's stopped and got closed down because of drugs and people dieing from bad quality drugs so a lot of the big party's stopped and the 'rave' scene sort of died.­

Over the last few year, the scene has started to pick up again.­

There are a lot of big party's now, but the music is mostly happy hardcore, with a small room for terror/speedcore.­ Sometimes the big happy hardcore area's have guests like Neophyte &­ Tommyknocker but that's as hard as it will go.­

There are a lot of very good small terror style party's now around the UK, but you will only get about 100 - 200 people there.­

So, things are slowly getting better in the UK !

Also, in the UK we have different names for hardcore styles then in Holland :

"­Hardcore"­ (Angerfist, Endymion, Neophyte etc)
UK - We call this gabber, or 'newstyle' gabber !

UK - This is sometimes called hardcore techno ! or hardcore gabba

"­UK Hardcore"­ - Producer, Hellfish, Bryan Fury
When you say UK hardcore in the UK, people mean happy hardcore !! All that piano sing along shit !

I hope you found that usefull !

Smurf, News at 12, Newcastle, England !
"thank you smurf for this nice little update. And now with the wheatherforcast here is [name of an english wheatergirl here]
i would like to be at an event in england

its a small group there right ? well uk is 10 times bigger than holland :lol: so what would you expect

nice update :)
I wanna go to a terror party in the UK to see whats it like :) But eh, first need to the money for it ;)
Uitspraak van DJ_Smurf_GGM_UK op zaterdag 17 februari 2007 om 01:17:
"­UK Hardcore"­ - Producer, Hellfish, Bryan Fury
When you say UK hardcore in the UK, people mean happy hardcore !! All that piano sing along shit !

I didn't think these guys are happy hardcore ?? also called breakcore or am I wrong ??

No no, in Holland they are classed as "­UK Hardcore"­

In the UK, when someone says "­UK Hardcore"­, they mean people like Scott Brown, DJ Brisk, Dougal etc, ie 'happpy hardcore'.­