F*cking Leek (Kut Prei)

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I made a little remix of a song called 'Meisje met de prei/Girl with the leek'

This song was on the web about a year ago as a flashclip, but now its for sometime in every commercial block etc.. annoyoing as it is -.-


my remix: click

the original: click
whehehe nice haha :P(Y)
hoe voeg ik plaatjes toe...­
[img.­]url naar het plaatje[/img.­]
(zonder de puntjes)
lukt t? :P
This is a other track of me, Testlacoy , in this track i experimented a bit with stracking of kicks, so its kicks only.. at 275BPM :)

Hope you like it, (its a older one btw)
lol that is fun :P

how you make that :D :rot:
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